How to Make Those New Year’s Resolutions Stick!

A Perfect Tool for the Job

whiteboard decal

A clean white surface to keep you organized going into the New Year!

We know that keeping those intimidating New Year’s resolutions can be harder than you think. It’s one thing coming up with them but making them stick is a whole other challenge. Once the busyness of the New Year sets in, a lot of them tend to go right out the window. This may stem from a combination of forgetfulness, lack of organization, life in general and just not making them a priority.

We think it’s about time we shake off this fixed persona and instead opt for a New Year where we actually achieve our goals! It’s time to change the past and cheer for a better future and all with the help of our favorite trendy tool!

Keep them with COLOR!

With a colorful host of dry erase decals that don’t easily get lost in the crowd, fix your resolutions on a bright surface where you won’t forget to look. Write daily goals and benchmarks to help you achieve them each and every day.

colorful organization

The Red Hot Dots & Carnivalé 4 Piece Dry Erase Calendar Set

Keep them with STYLE!

Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of style to get you motivated! Choose a stylish calendar set to help you stay organized throughout the New Year. When you’re daily life is on track so to will your resolutions.

stylish wall decals

The Gold Confetti & Meadow Organization Kits

Keep them CLOSE!

It’s always helpful if you post your resolutions in a place where you will see them multiple times throughout the day. Our suggestion, your office! Although we hate to admit it, we spend most of our lives at work so it’s a great place to keep your year’s plans, goals, reminders and more.

office dry erase calendar

The Eden Weekly Dots & Twister 4 Piece Dry Erase Calendar Set

Keep them where everyone can SEE them!

What’s better than a larger than life surface to keep you organized! Our large message board decals provide a dazzling place to stay on track in the year ahead. From pretty gold polka dots to a mint beach cruiser that encourages you to enjoy the ride, these fun dry erase surfaces might actually help you turn your resolutions into something that you enjoy!

large message boards

The Confetti Cream & Enjoy the Ride Large Message Boards

With all these organizational options at your fingertips, keeping your resolutions won’t be so difficult. Choose your favorite decal and just go with it!

Video: Refrigerator Makeover

Your Fridge Has Never Looked This Good


If you’re sick of your boring fridge, we have the perfect solution! You can transform your refrigerator in minutes using our peel and stick NuWallpaper.
We have an abundance of patterns to fit any kitchen style, from industrial brick to classic damask.
This is perfect if you’re craving color or pattern, love to change up your home decor, or have a fridge that is less than appealing. NuWallpaper can be applied and removed without damage, so it’s perfect if you live in a dorm or rental. It can be wiped down with a damp towel to remove any spills or cooking splashes.

After this project, your fridge will be more eye catching than the cookies on the counter!


patterned fridgerefrigerator updatefridge makeover

If you try this out, we would love to see pictures! Tag us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Last Minute Gifts? We’ve Got You Covered!

Enjoy FREE 2-Day Shipping & 20% Off

holiday sale

We’ve all been there, a last minute gift needed and just a week before Christmas. Well this year, we’ve got you covered! On orders $40 or more enjoy FREE 2-day shipping plus 20% off until Monday, December 21, 2015 with the coupon code JINGLE. So from your child’s teacher to your growing nephew, give and gift on time this holiday season!

Video: Holiday Tree Alternatives

No Floor Space? Turn To The Walls for Holiday Decor!


This year we’re taking a different approach to the traditional holiday tree. Instead of getting something that takes up valuable floor space, we’re moving to the walls!
These festive projects can be used in conjunction with a traditional tree, or as their own holiday masterpiece.
The best part is that you can personalize them however you like! Use bronze confetti dots instead of silver, try colored lights, draw a birch or palm tree, it’s all up to you!

silver christmas treewall christmas tree wall decal christmas tree

For this tree, we used Silver Foil Confetti Dots for the body, then decorate with gold dots and medallions from the Boho Chic Wall Art Kit. We love the modern, eclectic style! It’s perfect for a dorm room or apartment where you can’t hang things on the walls.

light christmas treechristmas ligtht tree

This tree is super simple to make, but has a big impact on the room! All you need to make it is tape and lights. The festive energy from the lights will be sure to put you in the holiday spirit.chalkboard christmas treechalkboard christmas tree decorations

Our final tree was created with chalkboard decals. We love how easy it is to customize this project. Use colored chalk to add ornaments and garlands, or leave it classic black and white. Plus, when the holidays are over you can erase it and draw something new!

Winter Break Ideas

Winter break. A time of relaxation. No school, no work, just time to do whatever you want.
If you’re suddenly realizing your only prospects are binge watching Netflix, we’ve got you covered for those moments when you’re able to pull yourself off the couch.

Try A Winter Sport

Images via Pinterest

Images via Pinterest

Sports like ice skating, skiing, and snowshoeing can be intimidating the first time, but they’re so much fun once you get the hang of them! You can choose whatever best suits your abilities and enjoy trying something new, or revisiting a favorite pastime if you’ve done it before.

Learn A New Skill

Images via Pinterest

Images via Pinterest

Learning a skill is a great way to boost your creativity and brain power. Whether you decide to pick up an instrument, a paintbrush, a wood burning kit, or finally break out those knitting needles you got years ago, you’ll be entertained for hours. Plus, at the end you’ll have something to show for your work. It may be a lopsided scarf, or an illegible wooden sign, but you’ll have the pride of knowing you made it yourself.

Bake Something From Scratch

Images via Pinterest

Images via Pinterest

Delicacies like macarons, chocoalte souffle, and gnocchi are things that we don’t often have time to make. When you do enjoy them, it’s usually from a restaurant or shop. Why not take the time to make it yourself? You’ll be amazed at how wonderful homemade pasta tastes, or how rewarding it is to serve cookies you make from scratch.

Redecorate Your Room

Images via WallPops

Images via WallPops

Wallpapering a room may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. There are tons of new peel and stick options for walls that can transform your room in minutes. The White Brick NuWallpaper gives a loft feel behind a bed, the Birch Tree design adds an element of nature, and the Kolkata Blox create a cozy, Nordic feel.

Clean Out Your Closet

Images via Pinterest

Images via Pinterest

If the recent holiday wardrobe additions have your closet overflowing, maybe it’s time to do some winter cleaning. Who said you need to wait for spring? Having a clean closet will help you get ready faster in the mornings, will keep you more relaxed, and you can donate your old things or sell them for a little extra spending money!

WallPops 2015 Holiday Gift Guide!

Let Us Help You Find The Perfect Gift

holiday gift guide

The holidays can be both exciting as well as stressful. Finding that perfect gift can often take more time than we’d like, leaving us less time with family and friends. So this year why don’t you just sit back and relax and let us do the work for you! With our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide, navigating the gift scene won’t seem so bad. With categories for everyone on your list from your best friends newborn to your growing nephew, you may just find that you even have a little time left to treat yourself!

Gifts for Babies

gifts for babies

Gifts for Little Girls

gifts for girls

Gifts for Little Boys

gifts for boys

Gifts for Tween & Teen Girls

gifts for teen girls

Gifts for Tween & Teen Boys

gifts for teen boys

Gifts for College Girls

gifts for college girls

Gifts for College Boys

gifts for college boys

Gifts for Adults

gifts for adults

Gifts for Teachers

gifts for teachers

Color on Your Walls!

It’s never been easier to create a masterpiece on your walls!

Our Photo Opp Frame Peel and Stick NuWallpaper allows you to add a splash of artistry to your walls— without worrying about damaging them.
You can color in the frames, draw pictures, write quotes, even put up photos of your friends and family.

 color on the walls wallpaper

You can use colored pencils, pens, and markers to create your own unique designs.

frameangle friendsblog

With NuWallpaper, if you want to change your design, simply take the wallpaper down. It only takes seconds and won’t harm the wall.

If you create your own NuWallpaper masterpiece, let us know by tagging us on Facebook or Instagram. We would love to see your artwork!

Her Times


Fashion Friday: One hour room makeover

Pam Parker from Her Times recently included NuWallpaper in one of her Fashion Friday posts. We love her take on the peel and stick wallpaper and her ideas for how to use it!

I spent years of my life removing wallpaper, so I am a tough sell on the stuff, but the folks at WallPops have a line of peel-and-stick wallpaper called NuWallpaper that doesn’t damage walls and can be removed in seconds.

The designs can update a room and give a wall a three-dimensional appearance that just plain rocks. Now I wouldn’t do all four walls in a room, but I would totally zing up one wall. In fact, I have the perfect spot in my daughter’s old room if I can persuade my hubby this would be a great idea


White Brick Peel & Stick Wallpaper

Head over to the Her Times section of the Go Erie website to read the entire post.

Mommy’s Block Party


DIY One Hour Bedroom Makeover with Wall Pops NuWallpaper #Review

Michele from Mommy’s Block Party recently made a gorgeous feature wall in her bedroom with the Grey and Yellow Suzani Peel and Stick NuWallpaper.

She writes:

I LOVE the look of wallpaper, but in my 13 years of marriage, my husband has never let me put wallpaper up. When [NuWallpaper] came through on my email… I squealed with excitement! there are SO many options.


Everytime I walk into my room, I SMILE! I have wanted a look like this for so long, but my hubby would never let me wallpaper!!! I even had to peel down and restick a couple of spots… and it was flawless to do. nothing sticky on the walls, no peeling the paint under it. it is just awesome! It took me less than 90 minutes to complete my project!

We love how the pop of pattern really livens up the room. To read the rest of Michele’s post, head over to Mommy’s Block Party.

Revamp Your Windows

Get A New Look In Minutes

Whether you have neighbors who are a little too close, a view that’s less than spectacular, or you’re simply looking to add some pizzazz to your space, we’ve got the window film for you.
Our window film is a breeze to apply. Simply clean your window, cut the film, wet the glass, and stick it on. All of the films can be easily removed without causing any damage.
These films can also go on other glass surfaces like sidelights, skylights, or the outside of shower doors.


peacock window film

One of our  most vibrant styles, the Peacock window film is a beautiful medley of blues, greens, and purples. It is a moderately opaque film, blocking direct view but still letting in light. The stained glass design gives the ambiance of a Victorian greenhouse.

Cut Floral

floral window filmThe Cut Floral window film is an iridescent design that gives the look of etched glass. As one of our customers wrote, “It literally sparkles when the sun hits it, but blocks the bright, uncomfortable rays that are a side effect of sunshine”.


Dogwood flora window film

The Dogwood window film has a beautiful stained glass effect. Hues of golden honey, teal, and cream filter the light, creating a bright and inviting space.


bamboo window film

If you’re looking to bring a natural element into your space, try the Bamboo window film. The etched reeds allow light to filter through the glass, allowing for the perfect ambient light whether placed in a hallway, kitchen, or bathroom.

See all of our entire collection of window films here.