From classic to modern, farmhouse is extremely versatile and effortlessly combines rustic elements with a clean neutral palette. This timeless style prioritizes minimalism and comfort above all. Farmhouse interiors are all-American, rooted in traditional prints and distressed furnishings. However, as the years have progressed a new farmhouse style has taken shape that has coined the term “modern farmhouse.” This trend incorporates country charm with the warm spirit of modern and industrial accents. Adopt a style that evolves with as much elegance and grace as you do. Explore the bread-and-butter of farmhouse interior with our in-depth style guide.

Farmhouse Style History

By today’s definition, farmhouse style is the traditional All-American home interior, encompassing everything from shiplap to industrial accents. However, the term was initially used in Europe and originated in Germany and Scandinavia to simply describe architecture built on farmland. Primarily, farmhouse was much less a style and more a way of life that utilized minimalism to maximize practicality. Farmhouses were traditionally crafted out of wood, an easy and sustainable element. Wood was also utilized in constructing large front porches. These additions weren’t only used as decorative accents for the farmhouse, but also as space for the family to gather and relax after a long days of work in the field. Historically, farmhouses were attached to a barn so that farmers could be in close proximity to the animals.

As for the interior of the farmhouse, rooms were spacious and open, especially the kitchen area. The kitchen was frequently used for work purposes throughout the day. It was necessary for the kitchen to be large and for there to be an abundance of shelving for the different tools and appliances used. Instead of cabinets, open shelving was constructed for easy access to food and essentials. 

In the early 1700’s farmhouse, architecture was adopted in the United States. Then in the 1930’s, the style fully developed into the classic American farmhouse interior we all know and love. 

For those of us who may feel the classic farmhouse look is a bit too traditional, the modern farmhouse style is the perfect adjustment that adds freshness and flair to a simplistic and comfy aesthetic. Modern farmhouse interiors takes the natural elements of the classic style and add clean lines, sleek lighting, and contemporary decor.

Farmhouse Style Basics

Farmhouse style has existed for centuries, but as the style has developed so have the titles. We’ve coined it as country style, rustic, and even primitive. Throughout its evolution, the style has developed some basics that are tied to the farmhouse aesthetic.

Neutral Colors/Earthy Tones

The farmhouse color palette combines neutral and earthy hues to create a calming and organic atmosphere. Muted shades of beige, grey, cream, sage, and slate give off a simple and subtle beauty. These colors paired with subtle bursts of green or navy add a vibrant pop to the neutral farmhouse interior. With so many shades to choose from, there is more than enough room for experimentation.

Textures and Materials

Distressed and worn-in materials are welcomed into the farmhouse interior. Incorporate dimension into your living room with a chunky knit blanket or textured linen pillows. Experiment with wood finishes like shiplap or barn board for a rustic touch. Exposed and natural wood are common elements found in farmhouse decor. Rusted and worn in metals is another material to add to the mix for a more modern look. Pick metals that co-exist with the surrounding decor to maintain harmony and structure. You want your styling to come across as deliberate, not random.

Functional Kitchens

The kitchen is the heart of the home, especially when it comes to a farmhouse home. Farmhouse kitchens strive for minimalism and functionality; a clean aesthetic with no room for clutter and perfect for hosting guests. Showcase your stunning kitchen appliances in glass or open shelving to make them easy to grab and use. Deep apron sinks and long islands are also staples for optimizing space that make cooking and entertaining a piece of cake. Embrace versatility with mismatched seating. Switch it up by adding bar stools, benches, and bistro chairs to your space. Distressed furnishings add character and rustic charm.

Architectural Salvage

Architecture plays a foundational role in the styling of the home. A desirable farmhouse layout is open-spaced, which unifies the kitchen, living room, and dining area. This layout plan maximizes area and also allows for a comfortable and casual flow from room to room. Different from the low ceilings of early period farmhouses, modern farmhouse architecture incorporates high ceilings and vaulted lighting to add a historic and luxurious feel.

Our Favorite Farmhouse Decor

Decorating in the farmhouse style is a fun and seamless project. Add casual and warm decor to your home to give it a welcoming feel. Distressed pieces are essential to completing this rustic chic look. Incorporate these five decor pieces into your space and you will be on your way to creating your farmhouse home.

1. Vintage Wall Art

Nothing speaks louder than word art! Vintage style wall art is the perfect way to add a rustic and homey feel to your home. Its brings a welcoming energy to a space and is a classic farmhouse piece that will never go out of style.

2. Wicker Baskets

Get rid of that clunky junk drawer and swap them out for these chic decor pieces. Farmhouse style is centered around an interior that fits practicality. These baskets do just that by creating a fun and stylish way to store your knick-knacks.

3. Classic Quilts

Add a soft quilt or a chunky blanket to bring texture and dimension to your living space. This decor piece takes comfort and incorporates it into the home. Classic patterns like gingham and vintage botanical prints are the perfect complements to a rustic farmhouse.

4. Wreaths

Bring farmhouse style right to your door with a simple and beautiful wreath. Perfect for any color scheme, this green leaf wreath will add contrast and warmth to your home. Incorporating greenery is an instant way to brighten up your space.

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