Vibrant, carefree, and inviting – Bohemian style is the embodiment of all these attributes. Bohemian, or “boho,” is a term that has existed for around 200 years. Although the context has changed over the decades, the main principles stay. Boho style caters to the artistic and free-spirited sensibility, including eclectic decor inspired by different cultures around the world. The boho aesthetic prides itself on curating an unique space, experimenting with bold color combinations, bright patterning, and unusual decoration combining. A style with truly no limits can be a bit intimidating, that’s why we’ve created the ultimate style guide giving you a rundown on the ins and outs of boho chic. For those who want to adventure into a style that is fun and free, Bohemian might be the one for you.

Bohemian Style History

The term “Bohemian” has been used since the 13th century, pertaining to nomadic people of Romani descent who migrated from a region in the Czech Republic called Bohemia. Derived from “Bohemian,” “Bohemianism” emerged in the 19th century to classify a lifestyle many young and struggling artists subscribed to. They lived carefree lifestyles that were romanticized for the concept of suffering for one’s art. Emphasis was placed on individual expression and non-conformist thinking. This bohemian movement inspired an entire style that has now impacted everything from fashion to home interior.

Boho chic is a developing trend that adds a modern and clean spin on the early Bohemian laid-back aesthetic. The look is updated but remains eclectic featuring accents of “ethnic and vintage pieces from the 1950s, ’60s, and ’70s,” says home interior experts from The Spruce. Bohemian has also taken influence from cultures reflecting these same ideals, particularly the Moroccan style. Brightly accented floor cushions and rich textiles on vibrantly colored rugs all call back to traditional Moroccan interiors. Embrace the bohemian style and its many forms by starting out with the basics.

Boho Style Basics

No two bohemian interiors look the same, but there are some basics to take note of to recreate the casual and vibrant atmosphere. Start off with choosing a palette that suits you and your home.

Earthy + Bold Colors

A bohemian style color palette includes warm earthy hues coupled with splashes of saturated gem tones such as bold purples, oranges, and blues. Pair a muted green and a vibrant yellow, or try an electric blue with pastel pink. Get as creative as you want and don’t hold back on blending patterns as well. Be intentional with your palette, boho favors complex and rich color blends, not a random mix.


Bohemian furniture tends to be collected over time. Whether it be a vintage rug or a distressed chair, the preferred look is comfy and worn in materials. The bohemian aesthetic isn’t hard to achieve either because of its low-cost pricing. Pay a visit to your local antique shop to purchase some pieces or purely for inspiration. You are sure to snag some amazing and unique finds at a fraction of the cost of designer brands.

Typical bohemian furniture is as stylish as they are comfortable. Hammock chairs and soft floor cushions are a staple for this laid-back interior. Don’t shy away from warm and saturated colored furnishings – a bold way to incorporate boho into your space.

Lighting & Decor

Boho means global touches, eclectic pieces, and unique lighting fixtures. Lighting in this space should be ambient and calming to flow with the rest of the interior. Swap out basic overhead fixtures for glowing candles and brightly colored lanterns. These accents will add the eclectic charm your bohemian space is craving.

Add a personal touch by incorporating heirlooms and unique trinkets around the home. Your decor should reflect your story, the places you’ve traveled, and the people you’ve met. Hang up a detailed tapestry or display your collection of rustic guitars. Boho offers you total control because the style is completely catered to you.

Materials and Textures

When it comes to textures, Bohemian style gravitates toward distressed and layered pieces. With its neutral palette and versatile quality, Crochet is the most commonly used material. Wood accents are also popular in bohemian homes. Rattan, a thin wood, is used from woven baskets to hammock chairs. It is a natural material that lends to an organic and refreshing atmosphere.

Our Favorite Boho Wallpaper Prints

1. Byzantine Peel and Stick Wallpaper

This intricate cobalt blue wallpaper exudes boho chic. The eclectic white pattern beautifully off-balances the richness of the blue base. White is commonly paired with more vibrant shades for a statement look in bohemian homes.

2. Navy Grassweave Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Bohemian style is captured in this dainty floral print. The muted blues and earthy taupe blend beautifully. This organic texture and simplistic design prioritizes comfort and embraces tranquility.

3. Grey Cayman Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Hibiscus flowers create a captivating print that is balanced by a neutral and earthy palette. This unique floral print mirrors the eclectic style of bohemian interiors.

4. Grey Floating Trellis Peel & Stick Wallpaper

A wallpaper with an artistic flair – this watercolor print reflects the free-spirit nature of the bohemian style. This pattern will contribute to the soft and relaxed atmosphere of your home.

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