In our last rendition of “Get the Look for Less” featuring our peel and stick vinyl floor tiles, FloorPops, we covered a variety of geometric motifs that would give you the floor of your dreams, without breaking the bank (or a sweat over installation). But this addition to the “Get the Look” series is a special one, as we have some exciting news to share…

Our first EVER FloorPops collaboration is here and it’s with the infamous Chris and Julia Marcum of Chris Loves Julia! They’ve used their exclusively designed peel and stick floor tile in their home gym, and we’re bringing you the ULTIMATE “get the look.”

Source: Chris Loves Julia Instagram

Inspired by the authentic ceramic tiles in their modern cottage home in Idaho; we bring you…

Elegant, sophisticated, timeless, chic – we could go on with how to describe this immaculate design!

Checkered floors are gaining popularity and the timeless look of marble never goes out of style — so together, we’ve created the tile of the year (in our opinion, that is).

Checkerboard floors have been an interior design staple for centuries, and its black-and-white color combination is simply stunning. The two-tone palette is a sleek and modern choice for a variety of décor styles, while the marble design adds a luxurious touch to the overall look of the tile.

Just look at how expensive this room looks! Dare to guess how much the flooring costs?

You’d never know from looking at the photo, but it was the most cost effective item in their renovation!

To re-do their entire space (80 sq ft), they achieved the look for $130! That’s a mere fraction of the cost of ceramic marble tiles.

From the undeniably gorgeous black and white color scheme to the marble finish and the ease of the peel and stick application, this affordable flooring option is a DIYers dream come true.

Give your floor a face-lift with the new tiles now, exclusively available on – and don’t forget to show us how lavish your room looks with a new floor on Instagram!

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