WallPops is pleased to introduce our latest peel and stick NuWallpaper collection in collaboration with international fashion icon and supreme driving force of style, RuPaul Charles.

RuPaul is a trailblazer, dismantling barriers and leaving an indelible mark on the world as a multifaceted artist, author, and record-breaking influential personality. From becoming the first face of MAC Cosmetics in 1995 to earning a spot on the TIME 100 list of the world’s most influential people in 2017, RuPaul’s charisma, wisdom, and passion continue to captivate audiences across various creative realms.

RuPaul brings his indulgent, glamorous, and expressive aesthetic to a brand-new frontier in this collection with WallPops – the style mogul’s debut in home décor.

“I’m so proud of my collaboration with WallPops,” RuPaul shares. “They allowed me to express my wide range of emotions, aesthetic, and flair for design. I am obsessed with style, colors, and texture. I’m motivated by music, laughter, joy, dancing…and those are the inspirations I used for these fabulous wallpapers.”

When asked about the meaning or inspiration behind the patterns in this collection, RuPaul shared personal insight to the creation, making note of a principle he holds essential to living a fashionable, happy life.

“These things bring me joy, and I believe every human alive is responsible for creating joy in their own life. It doesn’t have to be difficult though — it can be as simple as discovering what your favorite color is and surrounding yourself with it.”

The capsule collection boasts 16 runway-ready patterns available in a lavish color palette, including a bright and lively new colorway, L’Orange: RuPaul’s favorite color.

As RuPaul affirms, “the collection runs the gamut, from wild and whimsy to classic and subdued. I believe that there’s something here for everyone. And I know that this collection will bring joy, style, and a sense of luxury into your home.”

Created with community in mind, another facet of the collection is the belief that great design should be available to everyone. RuPaul x WallPops is printed on repositionable, renter-friendly NuWallpaper substrate, allowing everyone, no matter the living space, decorating experience, or budget, to relish in captivating home style.

Maximize your home style with RuPaul x WallPops today on wallpops.com.

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