Celebrate and support Black artists and creators this month (and every month) with WallPops! This month, we spotlight our Black artists and collaborators with whom we have had the pleasure to work alongside and share their creative inspirations behind the collections.

Black Pepper Paperie, Hadiya Williams

Hadiya Williams is a mixed-media artist from Washington, DC. Her one-of-a-kind pieces span from wearable ceramic art to home décor!

Hadiya’s artwork in her collection with WallPops is an exploration of lineage, culture, and connection. “The Great Migration is a large part of my family’s story,” says Hadiya. “This particular collection was inspired by that movement and migration.”

Beyond just this movement, Hadiya shares that her work is also inspired by many other historical movements and landmarks in design.

“I am heavily influenced by West African art and textiles, Black American linotype, and Black print and publication design from the Black Arts Movement of the 1960s and 1970s which connects back to work from the period of the Harlem Renaissance,” Hadiya tells us.

“It’s this convergence of art and design through a specific lens and lived experience that involves this cultural throughline. I think you see this influence in the work of many Black American print and surface designers.”

Visit Hadiya’s site to learn more and support, here.

Lili Whitt Whitt, Lisa Whittington

Harlem-based artist, Lisa Whittington, aka Lili Whitt Whitt transforms her observations of society into eloquently-expressed, vibrant designs.

Lisa’s artwork is the expressions of the souls around her. Her highly perceptive nature allows her to capture someone’s energy and translate that soul into her mixed-media masterpieces. By studying people, whether in person or via photography, Lisa eloquently translates those vibes in vibrant colors onto her canvas, and now, onto the walls of your home.

“Malene Barnett has been a big inspiration to me as she was the first to help me see the design in my fine artwork,” Lisa tells us of her influences. “Malene is a multidisciplinary artist and designer and leads the Black Artist and Designers Guild which I joined and became immersed in her inspiration.”

 Other huge inspirations for Lisa is Jacob Lawrence, the creator of well-known documentary artworks called his “Migration Series”, making way for her sense of objective and work ethic in representative artwork.

Visit Lisa’s site to learn more and support, here.

Arm of Casso, Antonio McIlwaine

Atlanta-based artist Antonio McIlwaine, aka Arm of Casso, transforms the high-energy vibes of graffiti with his signature style of illustration: Sharpism.

“I intended to mix fine art with graffiti. You’ll notice that the design has some drips to it, mimicking the drips that would come from traditional graffiti.”

His love for cartoons and graffiti art, known for their vivid colors and dynamic flow across the canvas, profoundly shapes his choices. Arm of Casso’s artwork has a unique way of drawing one into a narrative about life, blending elements of joy, sorrow, music, style, harmony, and affection to narrate the authentic experiences and challenges faced in life.

Visit Antonio’s site to learn more and support, here.

Jen Hewett

Jen is a printmaker, surface designer, and textile artist based out of Hudson Valley with a passion for creating colorful, nature-inspired art. Jen’s style offers a modern and vibrant take on traditional design – perfect for homes that embrace color, pattern, and creativity!

“Walking is an important part of my creative process,” Jen tells us of her inspirations. “It’s how I reset after completing a big project, it’s what I do to work through creative problems, it’s how I take a break after sitting for a long period of time. These walks also inspire me – the sudden and striking color combinations, the way a creek meanders through a bit of meadow, the flowers I had never noticed before. It’s not a coincidence that many of my designs are botanical!”

Visit Jen’s site to learn more and support, here.

Egypt Sherrod

A Renaissance woman, Egypt is a radio and television personality, real estate broker, and interior designer. However, she may be best known as the host and co-executive producer of the breakout series, “Married To Real Estate” on HGTV.

Egypt shares that the name for her business, Indigo Road, was inspired by her own personal journey.

“I think when we often get to these spaces in life where things finally start to make sense for us, and we begin to understand why we had to grow through some of the rocky points in order to reach this beautiful space of wisdom and resilience. Indigo represents wisdom and purpose, and I am in that space of my life where I can appreciate the road I’ve traveled, even the rough patches. I believe we all have a road to follow in life as well as design- so we might as well make it beautiful! Our home impacts our mood and should reflect how we want to feel and imprint on the world- it should be our sanctuary and safe place. My personal mission is to prove that luxury, comfort, and sustainable design can co-exist in a holistic way that is livable and propels your life forward.” 

Visit Egypt’s site to learn more and support, here.

These artists, through their dedication and creativity, not only enhance our living spaces but also enrich our understanding and appreciation of Black history and culture. Their work serves as a testament to the power of art in celebrating identity, expressing complex emotions, and fostering a deeper connection with others.

Together, let’s honor the past, inspire the present, and look forward to a future where art continues to be a powerful medium for change, understanding, and unity.

Head to WallPops.com to shop these collaborations and support Black artists today!

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