The new year has arrived, and the season of refreshing and resetting is upon us. While in the past few years, designers reached for the subdued and down-to-earth pattern, but this year, home fashion experts are looking to a new trend responsible for bringing color and movement to sleepy spaces.

2024 is the year of niche home décor suited for each household’s unique style, with a heavy emphasis on striking color, bold patterns, and enjoyment of one’s space.

Whether starting big or small, incorporating bold patterns into your space may be intimidating, so we have pulled together 5 ways to do it in your home. Keep reading to get inspired!

Start Small – line drawers or closets for a pop of color and personality.

Starting small is a great way to ease into pattern play, keeping in mind your space and style. Drawer and shelf liners are nothing new, but they have never been this fun!

This is a fantastic way to add some pattern and color into a space without changing the look or feel too drastically all at once and can serve as a jumping-off point for incorporating more color and pattern into your space down the road!

How to do it: Simply install as you would traditional drawer/shelf liners. Wipe any smooth, flat surface clean with a damp cloth and dry. Pick your pattern, remove backing, and stick to apply. Get creative with it!

Think outside the box – utilize uncommon surfaces!

In every home, there are surfaces that don’t get as much attention as others for a variety of reasons. Capitalize on this empty space with some peel and stick NuWallpaper for a bold and playful accent!

Get creative! This can be stair treads, window niches, home bars, etc.! Any surface that is smooth and flat can become a vessel for gorgeous home styling with wallpaper (even as a renter!). Not sure where to start here? We’ve covered a list of uncommon places for peel and stick NuWallpaper in a POPTalk post a little while back that can be a great resource for creative decorating.

One unique space to consider is the face of a kitchen island! Chelsea and Suzy @thepinkdoorloveland used our black and white Maui peel and stick NuWallpaper for a glamorous accent on the face of an originally blank and forgotten island in their Airbnb, making for a super custom feel.

Coordinated color-drenching

Create a space full of your favorite colors and dial up the saturation with a coordinating print for an intentional and cohesive design! Bold geometrics with color-blocked patterns are a great way to determine a space’s color scheme (if you are looking to restart), which can be accentuated with coordinating throw pillows, slip covers, etc.

If you have a color scheme already established, finding a coordinating pattern can tie the whole space together!

This sitting room features a multi-colored geometric by Aelfie for a bright and cheery backdrop in a blue and green-themed space with whimsical color popping through the entire room.

Make a statement with bold feature walls

Focusing on one wall to drench in a new pattern makes it easier to dive right into boldness without the pressure of a four-wall installation… but can just as easily be a gateway to a full-room transformation when the timing is right!

A great way to get used to exploring color and pattern, accent walls can add a whole new dimension of design to a space by tying a color palette together, accentuating existing patterns in the space, or simply by just adding more visual intrigue to a space.

Here, this navy-centric sitting area gets an expertly-placed, bold backdrop for a traditionally-inspired, whimsical accent. Paired with patterned throws and navy drapes, this space now has a bold, yet sophisticated accent that elevates and entertains the eye, featuring Printfresh Navy Tiger Queen peel and stick NuWallpaper.

Take a fearless approach – mix & match!

For those who are familiar with bold patterns and are looking for a way to incorporate more of them, mixing and matching may be the way to go! Maximalist style is taking design by storm, with curated pieces coming together for eclectic displays in the home.

A great way to participate here is to find a bold pattern that contains a coordinating color palette and get creative in how it is displayed in your space! Stick with one print or combine with others (including those on textiles, throws, artwork, etc.) for a personal display of your favorite colors and patterns.

This gorgeous eclectic space designed by Lauren @thriftydecorgal features our Summer Love peel and stick NuWallpaper paired with other blue patterns and furniture pieces for a maximalist’s dream!

Pro tip: if you pick your patterns by ordering samples and then order rolls that match, keep the samples and use them throughout the space by framing, covering small décor pieces, or other creative manners, to dapple that pattern into a cohesive space. The possibilities are endless!

Feeling like you want to explore bolder patterns in 2024? Try out these 5 tips on how to incorporate them into your space! With NuWallpaper, you can experiment and explore without the worry since these papers are repositionable, removable, and renter-friendly – so changing your mind is totally okay!

Start your bold pattern journey today on!

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