From an Ugly 80’s Built-In to Chic Shiplap Shelves



Our social media director┬áLauren recently moved into a rental apartment that wasn’t exactly her style.
She’s been making a ton of changes to the place to make it feel more like a home, while still staying within her rental contract.
For this week’s upgrade, Lauren redid a mirrored build-in cabinet with Shiplap NuWallpaper.
The NuWallpaper completely transformed the cabinet, hiding the 80’s style mirrors and making it feel updated and modern without any damage!



Step 1: Remove the shelves hardware from your cabinets.
Step 2: Peel off a few inches of the backing on the NuWallpaper.
Step 3: Apply the NuWallpaper beginning in the upper corner of the cabinet.
Step 4: Slowly peel off the backing and smooth downward.
Step 5: Match up the pattern repeat for the next strips.
Step 6: Cut any excess.
Step 7: Reattach hardware and shelves.


What is the next project on your DIY list?


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