A collection of peel and stick NuWallpaper created with gorgeous design in mind

Chris Loves Julia x WallPops
Nova, Chris Loves Julia x WallPops | Bonneville, Chris Loves Julia x FloorPops

WallPops is beyond thrilled to announce a brand-new collection of peel and stick NuWallpaper in collaboration with the beloved duo of Chris and Julia Marcum, known to their audience as Chris Loves Julia! With a best-selling collection of classic checkered peel and stick floor tiles – Bonneville & Lawrence – the pair expands their timeless, charming aesthetic to a new medium: peel and stick NuWallpaper by WallPops.

Featuring 15 mainstay-worthy prints on renter-friendly, removable, and high-quality peel and stick substrate, Chris Loves Julia x WallPops brings rich color palettes, everlasting style, and gram-worthy character to any space with ease.

The design groups


A decadent homage to the classic damask

Featuring an assortment of painterly berries and botanicals traipse across a weathered backdrop, this print brings a rich palette and traditional elegance to any space with ease.

Chris Loves Julia x WallPops

Bramble Forest

A charming storybook toile

This charming toile brings storybook-worthy scenery to your walls with ease. Full of wonder and whimsy, this painterly pattern features a curious herd of deer foraging among a green forest scape dotted with lush fruit trees.

Chris Loves Julia x WallPops


A timeless floral vine

Timeless and sophisticated, this vine pattern brings traditionally beautiful florals to any space with ease, featuring classic, floral-dotted vines atop a solid backdrop.

Chris Loves Julia x WallPops


A glimmering tribute to genuine stone

Designed to replicate the look of natural veined stone, this peel and stick wallpaper brings a touch of livable luxury to your space with ease.

Chris Loves Julia x WallPops
Jasper by Chris Loves Julia x WallPops


A modern, textural take on a classic ogee

Block print inspired florals are displayed within an ogee formation atop a solid backdrop. for a fun twist to a classic motif.

Chris Loves Julia x WallPops

This collection of wallpaper is truly a harmonious blend of modern, cozy, and classic elements, made for creating a space you love all while staying within budget and skill level. Plus, peel and stick NuWallpaper is renter-friendly, making it a fantastic option for folks looking to upgrade their surroundings in a non-damaging way. Hooray for getting that security deposit back!

What are you waiting for? Head to wallpops.com today to check out this brand-new collection and shop all Chris Loves Julia x WallPops has to offer. Create a space you love from the floor to the ceiling!

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