In a day and age where social media trends augment the cycle of society’s décor preferences, one thing remains the same: gravitation to the comforts of the past. Retro fashion and décor evoke a sense of authenticity and craftsmanship that resonates with people seeking a connection to simpler times, or a desire to stand out from the mainstream décor trends.

But with an uptick in attention to the oldies-but-goodies, finding retro décor pieces that are picture-perfect for your space can be difficult. Enter New Retro: a combination of classic retro style with adaptations for a modern world; holding true to the rich, warm color palettes of the disco days, the earthy bohemianism that came out of the atomic eras, and lots of funky mid-century shapes, while modern sustainability and resourcing are kept in mind.

Looking to enjoy the New Retro style but not sure where to start? Here are 4 ways to incorporate the style in your space.  

Funky Peel and Stick Flooring Finds

Start by covering all the bases; your flooring choices have a huge impact on the overall vibes of a space! To achieve a new retro look from the floor up, try a hand at incorporating the colors, textures, and patterns of the good old days – but don’t fret. This method does not involve the same expense, labor, or time that a project like this would cost you way back when. Peel and stick floor tiles by FloorPops are easy-to-install, budget-friendly home décor products that’ll get you the desired look in no time at all.

If the look you are going for is a bold, retro throwback, opt for a patterned tile with vintage-inspired motifs. These Ezra Art Deco-inspired tiles are a fabulous option for those looking to incorporate gilded-age glamour and color into their space. Consider these Norma floor tiles for a nod to atomic-era geometrics.

Looking for something a little subtler? Try a warm wood checkerboard, or parquet floor for some added charm in more natural color palettes. These choices will evoke the groovy retro bohemianism of the 70s in a flash.

Peel and Stick Wallpaper Wonders

Get your retro groove on with a funky pattern reminiscent of the good old days. From flashy geometrics to 60s-inspired florals, NuWallpaper by WallPops offers a wide variety of colors and patterns inspired by vintage palettes and motifs, for an easy-breezy way to achieve the cheerful and whimsical looks of the past.

For something a bit more subdued, opt for timeless classics that introduce texture, dimension, and character to your space, like wood slats, rattan caning, or faux grasscloth.

If you don’t want to keep your beautifully retro prints up forever, there is no need to sweat the traditional removal process (even though you probably won’t come to this decision, because they are just so pretty). Just peel up from the corners and you’ll reveal an unscathed surface ready to be customized again.

Furniture Rehoming and Refurbishment

If you’re looking to enact a New Retro style change, one of the best places to start is to incorporate vintage, thrifted finds into your décor. Keep an eye out for atomic-era curves, mid-century modern angles, and groovy bohemian pieces. Bonus points for being sustainable and putting some abandoned treasures back into action!

By just adding a few curated pieces of retro décor, you can attract that nostalgic vibe to your space! Mix and match with your current favorite pieces for an ensemble that resembles your unique tastes and preferences.

Don’t think too hard about it – bring in the elements that make you feel happy!

If you already have furniture, wallcoverings, and flooring you vibe with and just want a quick freshening-up, consider refurbishing the surface of furniture, shelving, or any other smooth, flat surface with peel and stick NuWallpaper! This is a simple and straightforward method for adding flair to any piece with ease.

Opt for those patterns with rich retro color palettes, funky shapes, or anything that emits that vintage nostalgia you’re looking for with this style.

If you are looking for something more subtle, but that still gives off the same retro vibes, consider a wood slat design or rattan caning pattern. These types of patterns can bring the character and charm of true vintage scores to furniture pieces you already have and love.

From peel and stick flooring to wallpaper wonders, shopping second-hand for sustainable finds, or refurbishing existing furniture, the avenues to embrace the New Retro aesthetic are as diverse as they are accessible.

So, whether you’re drawn to the bold patterns of the disco days or the earthy bohemianism of mid-century design, let your space reflect your unique journey through time. With New Retro, every corner becomes a canvas for personal expression, inviting you to rediscover the beauty of the past while embracing the promise of tomorrow.

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