From Crayons to Perfume

Saying Thank You to a Special Teacher

A brilliant thank you gift for a teacher by WallPops

The end of a school year is always exciting, and also comes with a touch of bittersweet reverie. Marking the ever turning carousel of time, the last day of school is a very symbolic event. Teachers are a vital part of our children’s journey. In between learning about cursive and tadpoles, multiplication and music, teachers also deliver life wisdom, and negotiate social dynamics. Acknowledging the dedication and time that a teacher has spent over the year is a wonderful gesture, one that shows appreciation, and gives your child a chance to express a gracious goodbye. WallPops are a beautiful thank you gift for a teacher. A lot of teachers use WallPops in their classrooms to add a fun, personal touch without damaging school walls. The dry-erase boards and calendar decals are also handy for making daily notes, practicing math, spelling, and handwriting, and keeping track of things like science experiment results. The peel and stick alphabet decals are an awesome addition to any classroom! They can be arranged as a beautiful, educational alphabet. Or, since the set comes with multiples of each letter, these decals can be arranged to label areas with messages like “wash your hands!” and “library books”. Here are a few of our favorite ideas for perfect teacher’s gifts!

Zodiac Sign Designer Message Boards: Say it with your Style

Horoscope Dry-Erase Message Boards by Jonathan Adler for WallPops!

WallPops Horoscope Dry-Erase message Board by Jonathan Adler


Whats your astrological sign? Align your stars with a super hip zodiac accessory by designer trendsetter Jonathan Adler. These WallPops dry-erase message boards are fun, fashionable, and personalized to your horoscope. There has always been something exciting and intriguing about star signs. Who doesn’t love reading their horoscope in magazines and the newspaper? Document your dreams, pen your poetic musings and keep up on your to-do lists with an original message board in today’s most fashionable designs. All of the Dry-Erase boards are 17.75″ x 13″ and come with a WallPops dry-erase marker. And,  as always, WallPops are repositionable and totally removable. Find your sign below!

Any Libra will be decidedly smitten with the Libra message board, bringing star studded chartreuse to their existence. Sagitarius will revel in the pink whims of their board, exuding a kittenish glamour. Certainly Virgos will channel some dynamic energy onto their sassy yellow surfaces. Aquarius, destined for greatness, will enjoy being fancy and frisky on their board. Meanwhile, Taurus and Scorpio will rejoice in declaring their love again and again with reckless dry-erase abandon. Even the most determined over-achievers need a hint of whimsy once in a while. Capricorn will enjoy this welcome splash of style while Gemini is busy making mischief, then erasing it and making nice on their WallPops boards. The Leo design is amply charismatic and swanky to inspire the musings of this fiery sign. Cancer and Aries designs both mix orange and pink for a fashion statement that is far chicer than you think! And the Pisces Zodiac dry-erase board will inspire headlines worldwide with it’s stylish swagger!



Mothers Day, the Best Gifts and a Special SALE!

Gifts that you can Enjoy Together… and a coupon to save!

Peel and Stick Picture Frame Decals for the Wall

Mother’s Day is coming! In appreciation of all Mom does for you, it feels good to pick the perfect gift and make Mom smile. This year, you don’t have to spend a fortune to make a splash! WallPops already gives you a lot of bang for your buck with our beautiful collection of decor accessories, but this year we are also having a sale! From now through Sunday May 13th, you can save 15% on anything on the site with this coupon code! From nursery-adorable to designer sophistication, and from your own Mom to any Mom you admire, WallPops has something for everybody!

Putting WallPops up is part of the fun, and then you get to enjoy your fashionable designs on the walls. Being able to position and reposition your wall art is a very gratifying experience, making you the decorator. Even the littlest cutie pies can help Mom peel and stick (and if you need to straighten a few out later, no problem, wink wink) From revamping a room into a fabulous focal point, to setting up a dry-erase message board or calendar to keep Mom organized in style, or making a wall gallery of your family photos with peel and stick frames that won’t damage the walls, Moms will rejoice when she sees her WallPops! Check out the ideas below for some more Mom-spiration and don’t forget to use your coupon to save 15% before May 13th!

Perfect Mother's Day Gift Designer Message BoardBeautiful Mothers Day Gift from WallPops








Beautiful Mothers Day Gift Idea from WallPops

WallPops Wall Frames Mothers Day Gift Idea


Trending Now: Pretty Paisleys

Cultured and Fun Paisley is Dominating Style Trends This Year

Paisley Trend by Jonathan Adler for WallPops Verve Paisley Wallpaper by Brewster Home Fashions

Want to be noticed? Paisley is definitely an eye catcher and it seems everybody from Elle Decor to Stella McCartney and even designer nail artists are crushing on this heritage print this season! A historical pattern with roots stretching to India and Persia as far back as the Sassanid Empire, paisley as we know it is actually named for a Scottish Town and it is seriously trending now. Still crazy after all these years, paisley print has a way of taking center stage with a wild design characterized by a mango or teardrop shape, embellished with ornate details. Today’s designers have found ways of modernizing the design with chic hues and intriguing scale. Paisley can bring an element of fun to an otherwise traditional item, and has a very cultured, bohemian flair.


Happy Easter! Fun DIY Easter Crafts with WallPops!

DIY Easter Egg Tree with WallPops peel and stick wall decals

Easter eggs are a tradition not to be missed! From Easter egg hunts, to Easter Egg trees and chocolate Easter Eggs, there is a widespread symbolic connection between pretty eggs and Springtime fun. Even the White House has an annual Easter Egg party on their lawn! This year, we have an egg-cellent collection of Easter Egg Design ideas, all made with WallPops! Did you know that WallPops can easily be cut to any shape and size? They are perfect for DIY crafts. These Easter eggs are all peel and stick so you can arrange and re-arrange them on any smooth flat surface from walls and furniture, to appliances like the fridge! There are no messy dyes to stain your fingers and clothes, and there is no boiling required : ) Just get creative cutting out egg shapes and polka dots, stripes, flowers… whatever strikes your fancy! We used some of our favorite WallPops pastels, including Oh Pear green, Flirt Pink, and Purple Perk. We also got cutsey and cut out some simple baby chick shapes from Lello Yellow. Check out the album for a sampling of our Easter DIY crafts.

Bring a Spring Zing to your Things!

Jonathan Adler Wall Art by WallPops Flowers

Spring is sprung! Usually Spring kind of drifts in slowly, tidying up after winter here and there, chiding us with mud season and April showers, until, just before Summer spreads her wings, we can confidently enjoy the season without our boots and umbrellas in tow. This year, however, it seems that Spring has completely upstaged Winter for a dramatic declaration that it is her time to shine! When we have 80 degree temperatures in March in New England, it is something to sing about. As much as we will all enjoy traipsing off to the beach before they start charging to park, planting early gardens, and planning impromptu picnics, certainly we will not skip our annual traditions of Spring cleaning and Easter decorating! Bringing bright colors and fun flowers inside, appreciating pastels in their perfect appropriation, and decorating Easter eggs will never get old!

WallPops has so many beautiful ways to make your home pop with Spring Zing. And, because they are so easy to peel and stick, you will be back outside getting your recommended dose of sunshine in no time! From petals and poppies to birds on a branch and butterflies, we have designs that celebrate the season with zest! Stay tuned for a fun post on decorating your own Easter Eggs without the messy dyes or steamy eggs!

Maison&Objet 2012: The Paris Home Fashion Show

Every year, artists, designers and creatives from all over the globe descend upon the city of Paris for Maison&Objet, the most prominent European design show. Showcasing the most fashion forward and a la moment inspirations before they hit the market, this Paris show embodies the spirit of luxury. With a dynamic mix of design greats like Missoni and Swarovski and burgeoning artists just beginning to storm the market, this show is the mecca of all things chic for the home. We recently had the pleasure of catching up with Paula Berberian, Director of Creative Services at WallPops, about her trip to Maison&Objet 2012 and she divulged a super stylish review of this year’s expo!

The theme of this year was CRAZY, meant to embrace vibrancy, fantasy and dreamscapes. Banishing goth and gloom, bright color is dominating designs this year. Pantone has declared this the year of tangerine, and we are seeing pops of this refreshing orange hue. However, the sweetheart color that designers are favoring this year seems to be a Palm Spring blue, with tendencies toward French turquoise. Waltzing alongside this aqua beauty, we continue to see lavish red-infused purples, as well as a lot of pinks, blues, a grassy malachite green, and a bright curry yellow. A yellowy green, just slightly subdued from chartreuse, is also predicted to peak this summer.

Perhaps influenced by European and American economic uncertainty, designers seemed determined to herald happier, more upbeat musings. Everything was bathed in pretty, evoking pleasure just to behold it. Taking designs to new heights of luxe, were jewel embellishments and dimensional enhancements. Metallic shimmers and gem garnishes were prevalent, adding a sassy sheen to already lovely patterns.

Continuing to unite worldly styles, global and tribal designs were in full swing at Maison&Objet this year as well as abundant effects with natural woods. Ikat motifs, and romantic suzanis inspired by Persian and Asian textiles took on contemporary influences. All things “tribal beautiful” were enjoying a moment in the sun, including abstract African patterns. Harmonizing these bold and fun geometrics was the influx of unscathed rustic woods. Fresh and clean, natural wood adds an enduring eco-chic balance to any space.

Finally, all things Brit-Pop have resurfaced as chic. Building on the intrigue of the Royal Wedding and leading into the Summer Olympics 2012 to be held in London, the Union Jack and other iconic English notions were celebrated at Maison&Objet this winter. With a traditional beat and notes of punk, British fashion has a distinct disposition.

Eclipse Winter Blues with Bright Décor

Dandelions by WallPops

So, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, imparting six more weeks of winter weather on us. Granted we have had an easy winter this year, although the term “easy winter” seems a bit of an oxymoron. Even without heaps of snow and sub-zero temperatures, this winter still harbors a chill and the deciduous trees still lost their leaves. When it is grey and cold outside, revamping your décor to include splashes of color and touches of nature will bring a vibrant happiness inside!

It is an oft declared motto of interior decorators that the best rooms always incorporate inspiration from nature. This mantra calls to mind how much life a vase of flowers adds to a room. Walls, of course, also benefit greatly from natural imagery! WallPops has some truly beautiful designs that evoke the charms of the great outdoors. For more on trees, check out our recent post on Enchanted Décor Inspired by Trees. For some blossoming floral art, consider dressing your walls in the whimsical Dandelion Wishes design. Symbolizing summer and childhood dreams, Dandelion Wishes wall art is a poetic embellishment. Flower Power plants a bohemian garden of happiness inside, while Cameroon designs a tropical island theme of exotic foliage and flowers!

Habitat Forest Silhouettes by WallPopsFlower Wall Art by WallPops

Another vivid approach to decorating your way through bleak winter months is to use bright, bold colors. By bringing vibrant hues indoors, we provide a refreshing uplift for our spirit. Have fun adding dollops of Electric Blue and Styling Green’! The Habitat Kit adds a screen-printed effect to walls with a lush forest motif of ferns, branches and butterflies. These bold pops of color on your walls will energize you, reminding us that spring is just around the corner!

Since we typically spend more time indoors in the winter, it is important that our homes surrounded us with delight. It is also key to have fun projects to keep up our creativity and provide a reprieve from the couch! Focusing on décor projects is very rewarding and WallPops make it so simple to have stylish and inspirational walls!


GO TEAM! Decorating for your Super Bowl 2012 PARTY!

 Super Bowl Party Decor by WallPops Red White & Blue Wall Decals for Super Bowl by WallPops Red White & Blue

Now that we know who will be playing in the big game on February 5th, all bets are on! Whether or not your team is playing this year, the Super Bowl is a must watch television event and this is a game not to be missed! For the thrill of the sport as the battle to the championship manifests, the commercials you actually want to watch, the half time show, fun party food and the camaraderie of your friends and family on the wave of excitement, this is the mecca of entertainment. We all know that cheering actually helps our team, right? And decorating for a Super Bowl party will definitely add to the spirit of the day! Don’t let your menu planning have all of the fun, your walls should scream team spirit, too!

Using dots, blox, and stripes in your team’s colors will really wow people with the festive colors. To declare a side in this years competition, WallPops has Red Hot, Shh! Dark Blue, Ice, and Ghost White. Adding pops of colors to the walls makes a cheerful ambiance for football reveling!

Another ultra fabulous party idea for Super Bowl is to bring on the dry-erase boards. Three cheers for this fun way to declare your loyalty! You can write your teams name on the wall, or have so much fun making little bets on things like who will win the coin toss or get the first touchdown and keeping track of your guests victories. The fridge, a popular destination in between plays, is another spot not to be ignored. Add your number 1 fan touch to the fridge with dry-erase dots. A dry-erase board makes your Superbowl party even more fun by adding an interactive space to up the ante!

Hands down the most definitive way to bring the enthusiasm of the football stadium to your walls is with a Fathead NFL authentic wall graphic. Super fans of all ages will say WOW and your place will be THE PLACE to watch the game. Decorating for a Super Bowl party, Fathead NFL wall stickers always win. WallPops has all your teams colors, logos, and favorite players to get your Super Bowl party into the hall of fame!

Love your Space! Romantic & Fun Décor Ideas for Valentines Day


From puppy luv crushes and cute kids cards, to chocolates, roses, romance, and true love, Valentine’s Day is a dreamy holiday! Check out these sweet ideas to evoke romance and invite an I love you moment by enchanting your décor for amour!

For a contemporary take on flowers for your flower, why not opt for a fresh bouquet of floral wall art? These blooms will never wilt, making them a fabulous gift and a romantic year-round décor piece! WallPops Brocade Kit creates the look of a bunch of embroidered flowers on walls in a classy pallette of black and grey. The Des Fleurs Kit flourishes a lovely French style on walls with chic jewel dew drops!

Pink, red, and romance are classic Valentine’s Day refrains and WallPops has several traditional designs to harmonize your home with love! Heart of Hearts, the quintessential symbol for love comes in blue or purple, and makes a sweet detail on walls. For hearts with shimmer shine, the Heart Shaped Mirror wall art and the Cupid Chandelier, with 3 tiers of pink hearts that hang from the ceiling are darling! The Keys to my Heart kit is romantic and fun, with a vintage key motif that will be chic year round, while Love Birds brings amorous birds in a beautiful tree.

Finally, in true Valentines Day tradition, try making your own Valentines with Red Hot and Flirt Pink dry-erase dots. These vivid and romantic pink and red WallPops can easily be cut into any shape you want, so get inspired, and write something sweet! Try some silly ones like I choo-choo choose you, or classics like Be Mine, xoxo and I love You! Stick your creation somewhere fun, like the fridge or your bedroom door and have fun changing your message to reflect your mood leading up to February 14th!