From Runway to Room – Fashion Week Inspired Spaces with WallPops

In the dynamic world of creative design, inspiration knows no bounds. Just as fashion designers push the boundaries of creativity on the runway, translating those haute looks into interiors can bring an avant-garde flair to our homes. Here’s how you can implement fearlessly fierce designs inspired by fashion week into your space with WallPops peel and stick home décor products.

Get floored for funky tile options

Choose an unexpected floor tile to step up the style in your space. Funky geometrics offer avant-garde flair to spaces not typically adorned with such detail, and can pair well with almost any wall treatment for your own custom aesthetic.

IG: @lifeatnumber56

Here, a combination of striking blue and sharp two-tone geometrics make a runway-ready statement in Amy’s @Lifeatnumber56 powder bath. This combination paired with the modern light fixture amps up the drama to the next level.

Mix metallics and bold color for a touch of glam for your everyday

Nothing says fashion week glam like mixing metallics and bold colors. Whether you choose to incorporate rich, earthy tones like reds and browns, or bright oranges and pinks, combining bold color with metallic accents will bring out a fashion-forward statement in any space.

This RuLeopard print from the stunning RuPaul x WallPops collection combines bright and lively orange with shiny metallic silver for a fierce embellishment to your walls.

This glamorous office space shows the interaction between the energetic wallcovering and sleek, dark woods for a sultry-yet-sophisticated place to get business done.

Go Black.

Simple modernity and added mystery make going black in your space a fashion-forward movement. Tried and true, black is a staple in fashion design for its versatility, sophistication, and ultimately comfort.

IG: @jameelahdivine

By incorporating this dramatic hue in your space, you invite that sleek and sophisticated ambiance in, allowing for the rest of your design to follow suit effortlessly.

This gorgeous coastal-style space designed by Jameelah Watkins-Mallett @jameelahdivine gets a runway-ready twist with black peel and stick wallpaper from Egypt Sherrod’s Indigo Road x NuWallpaper collection.

Whether you go bold with color and metallics, or add sleek touches of modern fashion to your space, achieving artfully designed spaces fit for fashion week is easier than ever with WallPops.

Ready to dress up your space? Shop affordably, easy-to-install home décor products at today! 

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