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What's Your Home Decor Style?

Your home decor style is Bohemian! You love colorful prints, rich textures, and metallic accents. You're a go-with-the-flow person who embraces nature and coziness. Your ideal NuWallpaper prints are Grey and White Brick, Nomad Damask, and Caravan Elephant . Accent your decor with tropical plants, embellished throw pillows, and vintage finds.
Classic Feminine

Your home decor style is Classic feminine! You pride yourself on maintaining a clean and beautiful home. You love timeless pieces with a modern spin. Your ideal NuWallpaper patterns are Gray Grand Trellis, Blue Arrowhead, and Ariel Gray Damask . Accent your home with fresh flowers, gold decor, bright colors, and symmetrical pieces like end tables, bookshelves, and pillows.

Your style is Farmhouse! You love and bright and airy home with vintage touches. Coziness, style, and comfort are completely intertwined in your home. Influenced by French Country, the farmhouse style if the perfect mix of elegance and practicality. Your ideal NuWallpapers are the white Shiplap, Reclaimed Wood Plank, and Newport Brick. Accent your home with a mix of vintage and rustic pieces. Distressed woods, light neutrals, and vintage knick knacks are the core of Farmhouse style.

Your home decor style is Eclectic! You're a go with the flow person who follows their heart when it comes to decor. You aren't afraid to think outside of the box with color and prints. Your ideas NuWallpapers are Caravan Elephant, Metropolis Cityscape, and Metamorphic Turquoise Agate. Accent your home with whatever you like! Whether you spot an awesome vintage trunk coffee table, gold dog bookends, or a magical unicorn bust, decorate with that you love!

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