Happy New Year’s to all! With the closing of another year, we at WallPops want to reflect on some of the amazing home decor trends that came with 2018. With so many great patterns, colors, finishes, and accents, it was difficult condensing a list of all our favorites. We hope some of these trends continue into 2019, because we are obsessed!

1. Matte Black Finishes

Matte Black was one of our favorite colors in 2018. Among more recent trends of colorful accents and wallpapers, matte black has made a comeback as one of 2018’s most popular decor schemes. Whether it be on kitchen and bathroom cabinets, or on accent walls, matte black brought a modern yet classic flair to homes this past year.

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2. Geometric Patterns

We first saw geometric patterns become extremely popular in 2017, and from there the trend spilled over into 2018 in a big way. These funky patterns were all over our timeline this year. This trend took the form of circles, triangles, and everything in between. Hears to more geometric patterns in 2019!

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3. Wood Accents

Incorporating natural elements into the home has always been a timeless decor favorite. For 2018, we have particularly loved the wood accent trend. It was used in a variety of ways this past year, from chairs, to cabinets, to trimmings. The wood material exudes a rustic yet modern quality.

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4. White and Grey Brick

2018 brought a modern twist to the traditional brick wall – white and grey brick walls were in and we were here for it! The solid white and grey colors gave a cool and sophisticated feel to rooms. The color scheme also lent to a more airy and spacious atmosphere. We loved accenting the grey and white brick design with colorful shades like pastels, or neutral hues like blacks and browns.

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5. Contemporary Bathroom Floor Tiles

Inspired by the geometric pattern craze, in 2018 boring white bathroom tiles were switched out for more contemporary and creative designs. These funky tile patterns added a lively quality to any decor scheme. We are definitely still huge fans of this trend!

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6. Accent Walls

Accent walls have managed to stay on trend year after year, and we are not mad about it! They’re are a creative solution to make any small room feel bigger. The color contrast creates visual depth and can open up a space that might feel cramped. We have a feeling accent walls will stay on trend into the new year!

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7. Statement Mirrors

Who doesn’t love a good statement mirror? It is an instant way to completely transform the aesthetic of a room, and add impact to any minimalst design.

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8. Word Art

Taking a page from the farmhouse style’s book, this enjoyable trend has a friendly and inviting feel. With so many unique designs and styles, word art has proven to complement any decor scheme. We’re hoping to see more word art in 2019!

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