The jolliest (and busiest) season of the year has arrived and we have a few quick and easy DIYs using peel and stick wallpaper to help make it an even more magical time for you and your loved ones! From easy decorations, to gift wrap inspiration, to sentimental gifts, these DIY projects will help you spread love and cheer this holiday season.

Easy Paper Chain Garland

This classic craft is perfect for getting the whole family involved. Super simple with minimal mess-making, this garland adds festive cheer to any space and only takes a few minutes to create. Talk about satisfying!

To make this garland, you will need scissors and your peel and stick wallpaper of choice. Ruler is optional, measurement by heart is acceptable – it doesn’t have to be perfect!


1.     Cut 4-in x 6-in strips of peel and stick wallpaper (for a 6 ft chain, we cut __ strips)

2.     Fold each strip in half, and then cut one corner of the paper out, leaving a 90 degree angle.

3.     Remove the backing, fold in half the long way, so that the sticky sides are touching and all that is visible is the colored side of the paper.

4.     Use the exposed section of the sticky side to close the ring.

5.     Take another strip and repeat step 3. Insert strip into the first completed ring and then close so that you have 2 connected chain links. Repeat until you reach the desired length of chain.

6.     Use chain to decorate as you please! Looks great in doorways or around a tree!

Custom Gift Boxes

Gift wrapping is an art form. Get creative and customize gift boxes for small, hard-to-wrap items using peel and stick wallpaper and decorative boxes from a craft store! This is a fantastic way to repurpose leftover wallpaper from previous home décor projects.


1.     Measure and cut peel and stick wallpaper to fit the box you are covering. Tip: leave a little extra for clean cutting and edge folding further along in the process.

2.     Place the wallpaper sticky-side-up and set box onto the edge, with the side that you will be covering facing the majority of the paper.

3.     Guide the paper onto the box, smoothing as you go to avoid air bubbles.

4.     Trim away excess and fold edges for crisp lines.

5.     Repeat the process for all sides until you have covered the entire box. Repeat on inside of box if desired.

6.     Embellish with bows or ribbons (optional)

Keepsake Ornaments

In recent years, it has been a rising trend to create salt dough ornaments with house or apartment key imprints as a keepsake, or nod to a past home. If you have installed wallpaper in a home and want to remember it if and when you decide to remove the paper or relocate, another alternative to this keepsake project utilizes scraps of leftover wallpaper to create an ornament that brings back memories of the place or time associated with it.

You can place the wallpaper (as small strips) into a clear ornament and add embellishments as you see fit, or even create a simple paper ornament just by cutting into the desired shape and adding a fastener for tree decorating.

Place Setting Cards

If you are hosting this year and have leftover peel and stick wallpaper scraps, consider making coordinating place setting cards for your table spread. Simply cut rectangle strips of the wallpaper and fold in half. Then write or use letter stickers to create the custom setting cards for your seating arrangements.

Let us know if you try any of these easy holiday crafts with peel and stick wallpaper by sharing on Instagram and tagging us @wallpops! We’d love to see what you come up with this year.

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