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Infuse Your Style into Apartment Decor and Dorm Rooms

Don’t let white walls get you down! Most dorms and rental units won’t allow you to paint at all, while others insist that you paint all the walls back to white before you leave or risk losing your security deposit. Painting restrictions are common, and some spaces do not even allow you to put nails or screws in the walls. Strict rules can be daunting, but don’t worry, you can still live fabulously! WallPops let you celebrate any space, no matter how temporary, with the royal treatment of beauty. There are so many brilliant ways to make a space your own and give it a “wow” factor without damaging the walls! WallPops peel and stick wall art is perfect for apartment walls and super sassy for dorm decor! Check out these 2 decorating ideas:

Decorating an apartment? WallPops are brilliant for wall decor

Anya Stripes are inspired by Scandinavian folk art with sweet flowers in chocolate, turquoise and chartreuse

black and white decor decals by WallPops, perfect for dorm or apartment decor

Elegant black Baroque wall art medallions with shimmering mirror accents

Both of these rooms have pure white walls, but they do not look cold or stark. In the first room, chic turquoise, chocolate, and chartreuse flowers bring a vibrant and sweet warmth to the space. In the second space, elegant black medallions bring a contemporary glamour to the walls, and shimmering mirror accents add extra sizzle. WallPops are designed to work in harmony with walls, so you can remove them if you move, and even take them with you and use them again! This takes so much of the doubt out of decorating decision making. If you live in a dorm or apartment, you don’t have to worry that you will ruin the walls or waste money investing in the décor of a space that is not yours forever. Creating dynamic décor is truly accessible, and at such great prices, you can afford to decorate with latest a-la-mode whim, or truly make a statement with your walls! Here are a few more gorgeous dorm decor and apartment walls ideas with removable wall art.

A poetic wall quote to inspire you!

Luxurious pink, green and white French flower art

Always come home to flowers with this apartment decor idea!

One of the loveliest ways to make yourself feel at home is to surround yourself with photos of your family and friends. If you live in a dorm where you can’t use nails or screws in the walls, or you don’t want to damage your apartment walls, you can still create a gorgeous gallery! WallPops frame decals are peel and stick so you can affix photos and artwork to the walls in beautiful frames without making any holes! These removable frame decals are perfect for a little apartment therapy and dorm couture!

These beautiful frame decal WallPops by Jonathan Adler let you fill your walls with photos of your friends and family without nails or screws!

Make a gallery worthy look of your favorite photos with peel and stick frame decals! Designer enamel frames by Jonathan Adler for WallPops

20 thoughts on “Home Sweet Rented Home

    • Wall decals are the perfect way to decorate an apartment with firewalls. I have done the kitchen with coffee cups and pots, the living room with bamboo and the bedroom has sayings and will have cherry blossoms. I have showed so many of these to my husband he says order whatever and do your thing. I hope he doesn’t noticed the pink blossoms all over the bedroom lol.

  1. I have the butterflies which I have used to decorate my bedroom and hallway leading to my apartment. I love it and when anyone comes, I need to show them my delightful bedroom.

  2. Home improvement is one most couple priorities to have a comfortable home after work that can get you relax and enjoy while you are at home. Another thing is the home arrangement which you feel great if your house has a relaxing arrangement. movers singapore

  3. Love your wall decals, these would be great for Nursery Decor and children’s rooms. Kids grow so fast and the wall art makes it easy to change the wall decor as they grow.

    • Thank you! We totally agree- it’s great to be able to keep kids rooms beautiful and fresh without having to spend a lot of money or effort to update their rooms. Best of luck on your decorating projects!

    • Hello – thanks for the question. A brick feature wall in a boys room sounds very stylish! We do not ahve any peel & stick removable wall decals, like WallPops, that would create this. We do, however, have several brick wallpapers, some with authentic brick texture and some paintable ones which you can see here: http://www.brewsterwallcovering.com/brick-wallpaper.aspx We also have some brick wall murals and a self-adhesive vinyl brick film. Let us know if you have any more questions & best of luck with your decor project.

  4. Will these also cling to windows, we have acouple large windows and the birds are always flying into them … so we are looking for large cling ons I have one but it is several years old and would like to replace .

    Thank you for your help cyndi

    • Hi Cyndi – thanks for the great question. We have a whole line of peel & stick and static cling decals that are designed specifically for windows. You can shop them here: http://www.wallpops.com/window-decor.aspx There are stained glass style decals, fun stick-arounds and privacy films to choose from. Any of them should work well for letting birds know about the glass to prevent them from flying into your windows.

  5. Am looking for "Tree Wall Art" Decal Kit as featured in Woman's Day magazine, March 2015. on said:

    This kit, as featured in the magazine, appears to almost mimic a canvas picture I have in my bathroom. I would like to enhance another wall with it. Please help!

  6. I have a particular problem that maybe solved by using Wallpops.
    I may use a room in a elderly community center to give Art instruction. The room has 2 window walls which bathes the environment with a glaring Florida sunlight. opposite to what a painting studio should have, which is North Light.
    I am not allowed to nail anything or put curtains. They do not have another room available…
    I want to create a corner for myself where the sun is banned and I can judge my colors and values accurately. Your Wallpop should work as a sunscreen with no direct sunlight on my work. You don’t mention measurements.

    • Hi Bernie! It sounds like our window films may be a good solution for you. Each decal has the measurements listed in the description on each product’s individual page, but let us know if there’s a specific one you’re interested in!

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