Lauren Paints


Add a DIY Beach Wood Wall to ANY Room in Minutes!



Lauren of Lauren Paints recently redid her living room using our Beach Wood Peel and Stick NuWallpaper. We cannot get over how wonderful her feature wall looks! The distressed pattern goes wonderfully with the rest of her decor.

She infused her personal style with metallic accents and classic furniture.
Great job, Lauren!

Read what Lauren said about the project:

“Although we moved into our “new place” all the way back in June, we are just now finally settling in completely. From hanging pictures to rearranging furniture, I’ve been giving the entire house an overhaul, simply because I want it to feel cozy and comfortable, all the time, in every room.”

“I knew the Beach Wood wallpaper was the answer to making our living room finally have the vibe I wanted. While it’s beautiful in my eyes and I’m so happy we can have the beautiful “wallpaper” on the walls while we are here, I’m also pretty excited about how easy it is to remove… the second we decide to move out, we simply pull off the paper and the house is ready for it’s next owners!”

our-new-wooden-wall wooden-wall-wallpaper

Read the rest of Lauren’s post and see more photos.

Get more information on the Beach Wood NuWallpaper.

Heck Of A Bunch

NuWallpaper- Peel and Stick Wallpaper ReviewHeck4

Terra Heck of the blog Heck of a Bunch, recently used our Byzantine NuWallpaper to redo her counter top.
We love her clever use of the product and think the results look wonderful!

Read on to see how she did it:

I’ve been a renter of my current  home for a little over four years now.  Although the landlord usually does the big overhauls, I try to upkeep the place with minor improvements.  A couple of years ago I applied a new surface to my main kitchen countertops with faux granite paint.  Although it looked good at the time, it had gotten to a point that it was looking more like a dirty mess than pretty granite.


“Before” photo of  a countertop. Was pretty at one time, before it turned very ugly.


After applying the wallpaper, I was impressed with the end result.  I was able to complete the task on my own and I wasn’t cursing while doing it.  The detailing of the wallpaper is intricate and makes a bold statement.  I have some NuWallpaper left over and plan on using it to update an area on my kitchen wall that could use a new look

Click here to read the entire post.

Emily Reviews


WallPops ~ NuWallpaper ~ Birch Tree Peel & Stick Wallpaper

Miranda of Emily Reviews just used our Birch Tree NuWallpaper as part of transforming her playroom into her and her husband’s bedroom.
We think the renovation looks amazing!


Here’s what Miranda said about the process:

Unfortunately, the blue wall didn’t quite fit my vision for our bedroom and the carpet had to go as well because it had oil stains all over from my brother-in-law.

Since I didn’t feel like painting right now, I turned to WallPops and their new line: NuWallPaper.  They offer several great options in this repositionable and removable wallpaper so I narrowed it down to the Grey & White Brick, Birch Tree, Yellow Awning, and Taupe Zig Zag and had my husband do the honors of choosing.

He immediately chose the WallPops Birch Tree […] we started at the top of the wall and worked our way down, removing the back as we went.  I loved that we were able to reposition and fix the wallpaper any time we had issues with a major bubble or started going crooked.


EmilyReviews1 EmilyReviews2


Click here to read the entire posts.

Her Times


Fashion Friday: One hour room makeover

Pam Parker from Her Times recently included NuWallpaper in one of her Fashion Friday posts. We love her take on the peel and stick wallpaper and her ideas for how to use it!

I spent years of my life removing wallpaper, so I am a tough sell on the stuff, but the folks at WallPops have a line of peel-and-stick wallpaper called NuWallpaper that doesn’t damage walls and can be removed in seconds.

The designs can update a room and give a wall a three-dimensional appearance that just plain rocks. Now I wouldn’t do all four walls in a room, but I would totally zing up one wall. In fact, I have the perfect spot in my daughter’s old room if I can persuade my hubby this would be a great idea


White Brick Peel & Stick Wallpaper

Head over to the Her Times section of the Go Erie website to read the entire post.

Mommy’s Block Party


DIY One Hour Bedroom Makeover with Wall Pops NuWallpaper #Review

Michele from Mommy’s Block Party recently made a gorgeous feature wall in her bedroom with the Grey and Yellow Suzani Peel and Stick NuWallpaper.

She writes:

I LOVE the look of wallpaper, but in my 13 years of marriage, my husband has never let me put wallpaper up. When [NuWallpaper] came through on my email… I squealed with excitement! there are SO many options.


Everytime I walk into my room, I SMILE! I have wanted a look like this for so long, but my hubby would never let me wallpaper!!! I even had to peel down and restick a couple of spots… and it was flawless to do. nothing sticky on the walls, no peeling the paint under it. it is just awesome! It took me less than 90 minutes to complete my project!

We love how the pop of pattern really livens up the room. To read the rest of Michele’s post, head over to Mommy’s Block Party.



Sprucing Up Your Home With WallPops! NuWallpaper

Mandy Fisher from MomTrends used our Grey and White Brick NuWallpaper to update her New York City apartment and, we may be biased, but we think it looks amazing!

“Though I love living in New York City, there’s still a part of me that wished I owned my home. But like most of us here, we are still in the rental phase which also means that our apartments are technically not ours, so we can’t exactly paint whenever we want to.

Before I begin, let me tell you that I was a skeptic. I’ve seen “easily removable” decals and other brands of stickers that promise up and down that there will be no residue left after you attempt to remove it. Never the case. With WallPops! NuWallpaper, it’s so easy to remove and reapply, you’re going to wonder how you lived your life without it.”

white brick peel & stick wallpaper

Image from MomTrends

Above, Mandy shows how easy it is to remove NuWallpaper with no damage to the walls.

“Because my wall looked so fabulous now, I couldn’t stop there. The adjacent door connecting my living room to my kitchen has tiny windows. To give myself a little more privacy and a little more color, I used the Geometrics Window Film.”

Image from MomTrends

Image from MomTrends

 We love Mandy’s combination of the industrial white brick and the colorful geometric window film.

Read the rest of Mandy’s post and see the before pictures here.

It’s Here! NuWallpaper Has Arrived

Your New Peel & Stick Best Friend

damask wallpaper

Blue & Green Nouveau Damask NuWallpaper (see grey online)

We have been so excited to announce the launch of NuWallpaper that we can’t believe it is finally here! It has definitely been well worth the wait. So what is NuWallpaper you may ask? Well, much like its name, it is a peel and stick wallpaper solution that goes up in minutes and can come down in just seconds. Designed on a premium substrate that will not damage walls but lets you enjoy the look of wallpaper both quickly and easily (no paste involved!), let’s just say this fabulous decorating option will be your new best friend!

flower peel and stick wallpaper

Dandelion Taupe Peel & Stick Wallpaper

With designs suited for a nursery or child’s room, to patterns that will wake up your home, this wonderful new product is completely revolutionary. Never thought that you could wallpaper your room in less than one hour? Now you can, simply peel and stick to create a whole room transformation and then sit back and enjoy the rest of your day!

ariel damask

The sassy Ariel Damask NuWallpaper comes in 3 special colorways

meadow nuwallpaper

The ever beautiful and lush Blue & Green Meadow NuWallpaper (also comes in neutral)


Pick one of these fun animal prints for your next nursery makeover! – Featuring the Blue Elephant Parade, Savannah Soiree & Its A Jungle In Here designs (see additional colors online)

trellis peel and stick wallpaper

Gray or Pink?

navy trellis nuwallpaper

Or what about a fabulous navy!

chevron peel and stick wallpaper

Chevron prints to polka dots and stripes, have fun choosing your favorite! (additional colors available)

owl peel and stick wallpaper

The adorable Gray and Blue Woods peel & stick wallpaper

faux wood nuwallpaper

Easily create a fashionable and rustic wood wall with the Beachwood NuWallpaper design

quatrefoil wallpaper

Slate Blue and Gray Peel & Stick Wallpaper (also comes in a taupe and baby blue)

birch tree nuwallpaper

Dreamy and enchanted forest themed NuWallpaper

brick peel and stick wallpaper

Gray and White Brick Peel & Stick Wallpaper

Shop all NuWallpaper here!


Mama Love Blog


Lauren of Mama{Love} created an awesome organization center on a beam in her kitchen using our Gold Confetti Organization Kit. We love how creative she was, turning what many people would see as an architectural hindrance into something useful and beautiful!

Read on to see how Lauren did it!

“In the entryway of our galley kitchen, we have a column that is 9 feet tall and about 16 inches wide. I wanted to take advantage of the height and use the entire column as a place to not only display art, but keep our family calendar of activities. After checking out some ideas on Pinterest, I decided to keep it real simple with a magnetic board.”


“I looked to my favorite company for wall decals, Wall Pops, which I love for their dry erase calendars. They have a wide selection of peel and stick reusable items that won’t damage your walls, so I thought that would be perfect for the top of the board.

I chose the Gold Confetti Organization Kit with four different options in a modern, gold polka dot design.

The kit included a weekly calendar – perfect for the day-to-day activities and a place to jot down to-do a monthly calendar for long-term date note board and cork board (with pushpins) in dry erase 13X13 sheets with a dry erase marker and holder.”

Dry Erase Calendar

Cork Organization Board

You can read the rest of the post here.

Caruth Studio

Caruth Studio

 Desk Accessories for Dorm Study

Desk Accessories for Dorm Rooms

Caruth Studio compiled a wonderful list of dorm desk accessories. We think all of the selections are amazing! We would have definitely used these when we were in school.

“Homework. It’s gotta be done so you might as well do it in a well-organized and attractive space, right? These are the things we’d want on hand for all-nighters or an exam cram.”

Dry Erase Calendar

“A digital calendar is helpful on the go but it’s easy to hit the close button. With this removable and repositionable wall version, those deadlines and reminders are right in your face.”

You can read the rest of the post here.

Good Morning America: Deals & Steals with Tory Johnson


Deals and Steals

We were delighted to be a part of GMA Deals & Steals for Back to School this year! Tory Johnson did an amazing job hunting down the best products and deals for this school year. We love how she combined our NuWallpaper with our WallPops decals.


The products shown were our NuWallpaper Peel & Stick wallpaper, and our wall decals.

Blue QuatrefoilGold Confetti Wall Dots

Colorful dining room interiorPeel & Stick Wall Frames









We were so happy to be included in this amazing collection of products for back to school.

You can watch the entire Deals & Steals segment here!