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WallPops is fun & fabulous art for your walls. With beautifully diverse collections of peel & stick designs, WallPops has brought a whole new world of exciting options to decorating! We are proudly made in the USA by Brewster Home Fashions, a 5th generation family owned business since 1954. WallPops are completely removable and repositionable which makes stylish décor simple. You can embellish a space without the time and commitment of paint or wallpaper, and without any holes from nails or screws. Also, WallPops are reusable, so if you decorate in a dorm or apartment you can take them with you and never leave behind a sticky residue.

Our colorful and remarkable collections have sweet ideas perfect for the nursery, enticing options for teens & tweens in trendy colors, and beautiful designs for your home and office. WallPops even has functional dry-erase wall art! Get organized with the attractive dry-erase maps, calendars, and message boards. The dots, blox & stripes line lets you mix and match, taking walls from ordinary to exquisite with coordinating shapes and hues. Indulge your wild side with animal prints, or choose from chic solids and stunning motifs. WallPops Kits bring creative scenes and designs to life and let you arrange them to best suit your space. Have fun dreaming up new ways to make a statement on your walls. And remember! Change your mind? Change your design!

Very Berry Wall Art by WallPops      Glow-in-the-Dark Monsters Wall Art by WallPops      Keys to my Heart Wall Art by WallPops


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      • Hi Teresa
        Thanks for the inquiry! In general, WallPops stick best to smooth flat surfaces that are not porous. They stick well to most walls, furniture, refrigerators, mirrors, doors, etc. So, if your walls are relatively smooth and not too porous, your WallPops should stick just fine. However, if your walls are very bumpy, you may be able to see some of the texture through your WallPops. We have had people in the past tell us that their WallPops stuck fine to textured walls, and even had one customer say that she had success on a cinder block wall in her home gym. However, we have also had people say that their walls were too porous and their WallPops eventually fell off. So, it depends. We suggest trying them out on your walls, and if they don’t stick well, then you can return them. Good luck with your decorating project, please let us know how it turns out!

  1. I am trying to order, but it says my billing address is incorrect. It is the same as my shipping address. Is there any way I can call you, to get this straightened out.
    What is your number?

  2. Can you tell me what the decals are made of? I ordered 2 and love the design but when I took them out of the box, they had a strong plasticy/vinyl smell. I’m wondering if it is safe to hang in a nursery (from an environmental standpoint). Would love to hear your thoughts on this! Thanks!

    • Hi Julie
      Our decals are of a high quality vinyl, and all of our WallPops brand decals are made in the USA. They are great to hang in a nursery! The smell should dissipate very quickly. Enjoy decorating your nursery and congratulations!
      Sincerely, WallPops!

  3. Cannot tell from the website which window films would provide the most privacy.
    And, do any window films provide any room-darkening?


    • Hi Yael, thanks for reaching out. Aside from the clear one, all of our window films provide a comparable amount of privacy. Some of the colorful stained glass designs and premium window films (Dogwood, Peacock and Brush Strokes for example) will filter the light more than the milky white designs like Sand and Linen so you will experience a darker room. Best of luck with your window decor project, let us know how it turns out!

    • Hi Wyllis, thank you for reaching out & please accept our apologies for any inconvenience with the check-out process. Our website, http://www.wallpops.com/default.aspx is working and we hope you have a moment to come back & complete your order. If you are still having difficulty, please call us at 1-800-366-1700 and Customer Service can help you place your order and troubleshoot any issues. Thanks for shopping WallPops!

  4. I too had the same issue of not being able to complete my order due to an error with the shipping address (posted 9/12/12).
    I feel badly posting this issue here but couldn’t find a customer service email address on your website. This is the last day of my Living Social offer and I want to be able to complete my purchase.

    • Hi Barbara
      Thanks for reaching out & please accept our apologies for any inconvenience with the check-out process. You can email us at wallpops@brewp.com with any questions for Customer Service help. However, looking through our system, it looks like your order was submitted on 11/16 with the Living Social promo price – you should have received an email confirmation. Please let us know if you did not and we can forward you all of the information. Enjoy your window film! Sincerely, WallPops!

  5. I am looking for somewhere that shows how to use one of your beautiful stained glass wall clings, like the rose, and use the caning rope(I think that is what it is called) and make the gorgeous stained glass window that you show on your website. I am not able to find any kind of tutorial of any kind on how to do this on FB, Pinterest, your website, etc. I am extremely excited to get started with your products to make my house extraordinary, but I need to be sure I can get some guidance before I make a big purchase.

    Also, I would think that maybe as a new customer you might offer a small percentage off the first purchase, or offer payment through Paypal or BillMeLater. I am getting ready to place my first order for the gerbera daisy window clings that are going to look fantastic, but I want to buy more and am limited right at the moment.

    If someone could please contact me at their earliest convenience that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. I look forward to the new “additions” to my home.

    Regards, Ellen D. Stone

    • Hi Ellen
      Thank you for your message. We will look into creating a video for this item. However, they are incredibly easy to use, they simply cling to windows after you peel them off the protective backing. In the meantime, we are happy to offer you 10% off with coupon code 201410 Enter the the code at checkout to take advantage of the savings. Best of luck with your window decor project, we would love to see a photo!

  6. Hi,

    I liked one of your wallpops (the string of elephants) but wanted some color alterations (to work with my room color) and also for 2 sets (with one set of elephants going left to right and the other from right to left). Is it possible for you to customize these elephants for me?


    • Hi Protima! Thank you for reaching out & so happy to hear that you like the Tag-Along Elephants design. Unfortunately we do not create custom decals so we are unable to change the colors for you, or reverse the design direction. Best of luck with your decor project!
      Sincerely, WallPops!

  7. Will you be adding more WALL QUOTES to your inventory at all???

    Also…I am looking for a really nicely written quote: “Just Another Day in Paradise”
    Do you have any idea if you will have this quote in the immediate future????

    Thank you for a prompt response!!!

    Lynn Rogers

  8. Hi, I am hoping to use a mosaic film to cover the inside of some glass sliders(doors) in a business.
    I live in the Northeast with very cold winters. Will your product stay in place in cold temps?
    If so, can you tell me if I should use the static ones or the self adhesive?
    They will be on the windows from October through April. Then we will remove them for the summer months.
    Thanks for the help!

    • Hi Marie – great question. The window films are designed to be adhered to the inside surface of your glass. So, no matter how cold, rainy, snowy or frosty it gets outside, the window films should not be affected as they will be on the inside. We recommend using either the static cling or the self adhesive – both of our product types have a great track record of reducing UV rays, and glare, blocking unwanted views and adding a stylish look to your glass. They are also both easy to remove and neither will leave a sticky residue or damage your windows. Best of luck with your sliding glass door decor project, please let us know how it turns out!

    • Hello & thanks for the great question! WallPops stick to most smooth, non-porous surfaces including walls, furniture, mirrors, appliances and more. We are not sure about the finish of your wood panels, if they are smooth and painted or stained we believe that the WallPops would stick well. However, if they are very porous, unfinished wood then the decals may not be able to get a good seal. Also, the grooves in between the panels may show through the design affecting the final look. Best of luck with your decor project!

  9. My daughter bought gray white brick pattern for her nursery. I put it up yesterday and it looked so pretty. Today 2 of the strips fell off and stuck to each other. We managed to get them apart, very time consuming and put them back up. I’m concerned they won’t stay and the other strips may start falling. We started with a clean wall, it is textured and painted. Do you have any suggestions how to help it stay? She spent quite a bit for it and I hate to waste money ordering more when we could buy other things for the baby. Help please

    • Hi Karen,
      We’re so sorry for the difficulties you’re having! NuWallpaper always applies best to smooth, flat surfaces. However, our customers have had success applying NuWallpaper to textured walls, but the results depend upon how textured the walls are.
      One thing that could be affecting the NuWallpaper is the humidity. If it is very humid when you apply the wallpaper, it can cause it to fall down.
      If you continue to have issues with NuWallpaper, please call out customer service line at 1-800-366-1700. They would be happy to assist you further!
      Please let us know if you have any other questions!

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