Salon Wall with WallPops Frame Decals

Create a salon wall with WallPops frame wall decals by Jonathan Adler

This is your life! Surrounding yourself with photos of your favorite imagery, family and friends, including pets, and of course photos of you giving your best face, is virtually guaranteed to make you happy. Life is beautiful! Sadly, one of the tragic, unintended consequences of technology today is that too many of our precious pictures live only on our iphones, computer screens, and on Facebook. In these virtual realms, our lives are buried in files, folders, and timelines, nestled among our desktop icons and targeted ads. It’s time to flaunt it! Let it all hang out. Smile like you mean it. You are beautiful, your kids are adorable and you are a pretty amazing amateur photographer. That photo you took on your last vacation? You know the one, it’s all artistic and the light is just right? And the one of your Mom from forever ago, looking so young and skinny and fashionable, the one that is probably wallowing in a desk drawer somewhere? Put them on the wall for everyone to see! Not only do your pictures make great decor impact, they also lift  your spirits!

WallPops has a very vogue solution to this modern mire. Peel and stick wall frame decals are the perfect way to showcase your sketches, portraits, and snapshots. Cover your whole wall with pictures and never lift a hammer! For a classic black and white photo frame gallery, check out these frames by Jonathan Adler, enhanced with a silver mylar shimmer. For an absolutely adorable idea for a photo gallery in a child’s room or nursery, It’s a Jungle in Here and Forget me Not create darling frames on the wall. You can easily frame your kids art in these frames, too, encouraging a sense of pride and accomplishment for your child. For more of a boutique look, there are 6 different types of European Frame Kits on the site, from vintage to museum painting style frames. Or, for a curvy French couture salon wall, Jonathan Adler has a sassy set of colored enamel frames, sure to display your images with flair.

Happy Easter! Fun DIY Easter Crafts with WallPops!

DIY Easter Egg Tree with WallPops peel and stick wall decals

Easter eggs are a tradition not to be missed! From Easter egg hunts, to Easter Egg trees and chocolate Easter Eggs, there is a widespread symbolic connection between pretty eggs and Springtime fun. Even the White House has an annual Easter Egg party on their lawn! This year, we have an egg-cellent collection of Easter Egg Design ideas, all made with WallPops! Did you know that WallPops can easily be cut to any shape and size? They are perfect for DIY crafts. These Easter eggs are all peel and stick so you can arrange and re-arrange them on any smooth flat surface from walls and furniture, to appliances like the fridge! There are no messy dyes to stain your fingers and clothes, and there is no boiling required : ) Just get creative cutting out egg shapes and polka dots, stripes, flowers… whatever strikes your fancy! We used some of our favorite WallPops pastels, including Oh Pear green, Flirt Pink, and Purple Perk. We also got cutsey and cut out some simple baby chick shapes from Lello Yellow. Check out the album for a sampling of our Easter DIY crafts.

Bring a Spring Zing to your Things!

Jonathan Adler Wall Art by WallPops Flowers

Spring is sprung! Usually Spring kind of drifts in slowly, tidying up after winter here and there, chiding us with mud season and April showers, until, just before Summer spreads her wings, we can confidently enjoy the season without our boots and umbrellas in tow. This year, however, it seems that Spring has completely upstaged Winter for a dramatic declaration that it is her time to shine! When we have 80 degree temperatures in March in New England, it is something to sing about. As much as we will all enjoy traipsing off to the beach before they start charging to park, planting early gardens, and planning impromptu picnics, certainly we will not skip our annual traditions of Spring cleaning and Easter decorating! Bringing bright colors and fun flowers inside, appreciating pastels in their perfect appropriation, and decorating Easter eggs will never get old!

WallPops has so many beautiful ways to make your home pop with Spring Zing. And, because they are so easy to peel and stick, you will be back outside getting your recommended dose of sunshine in no time! From petals and poppies to birds on a branch and butterflies, we have designs that celebrate the season with zest! Stay tuned for a fun post on decorating your own Easter Eggs without the messy dyes or steamy eggs!

Inspired by Downton Abbey… Edwardian Style for All!

According to Netflix, there is a “very long wait” for Downton Abbey discs right now. As tormenting as this may be, it illustrates America’s current mania for the show, and only enhances our obsession, especially for all of the fabulous Edwardian decor! Set in the early 1900’s, Downton Abbey represents a time of elite fashion, where opulence and tradition ruled styles. From the historical castle where the series is filmed, to the gorgeous costumes designed by Susannah Buxton, this period piece channels dreamy elegance. Time magazine recently did a fun video tour of Highclere Castle (where Downton Abbey is filmed) lead by Countess Fiona Carnarvon, who actually lives there!

Edwardian Wallpaper Downton Abbey style by Brewster Home Fashions

With Renaissance and Victorian influences, the Edwardian style has a timeless and luxurious appeal. Many of today’s finest designers still draw on influences that graced homes in the early 1900s. WallPops boasts several designs that put a contemporary spin on this posh European epoch. Keys to my Heart and Nouveau Damask, two wall art kits by WallPops, particularly embody these Parisian inspirations, bringing a mod look to romantic skeleton keys and the classic damask design. The extravagantly adorned walls of Downton Abbey are never bare outside of the servants quarters! Gorgeous wallpaper by Brewster Home fashions, such as this
Classy Damask from the Piazza collection, and this Glamorous Floral Urn, from the English collection (quite similar to Lady Mary’s bedroom!), can bring such traditional beauty to your walls today. Adding to the sumptuous backdrops, Downton Abbey’s walls are embellished with extensive displays of hand painted art, displayed in decadently gilded frames. Creating your own salon wall of heirloom worthy paintings and photos is easy with WallPops Enamel Frames by Jonathan Adler. After all, “if your heirs won’t fight over it, we won’t make it” is one of Adler’s signature mottos, which is right in line with the tradition of Edwardian finery. Peruse the luscious images below for more Edwardian enchantment!

Before and After WallPops Room Makeover

Who doesn’t love a makeover video? Just think of the movies, where the dorky girl (who is always pretty the whole time) gets a music video makeover into a bombshell, a la Katy Perry in TGIF, Brittany Murphy in Clueless, and Sandy in Grease. Well, here is a fun tween makeover video where we used WallPops to totally revamp a 12 year old girls room from cluttered cute to positively posh! We kept the entire project under $100 dollars with some DIY magic!

WallPops are perfect for room makeovers! Not only do WallPops come in the most on-trend designs imaginable, they make a sassy statement for a very nice price, and they are super easy to use and then remove to make way for changing tastes!

We used the Go Wild zebra print blox to create a dramatic feature wall. Animal print has an adventurous and chic appeal that just never seems to go out of style! To compliment this impressive wall art, we painted her current bureau black and added some modern pulls. Changing her furniture from princess white with antique drawer handles to sleek black with contemporary hardware helped to transition the room from sweet little girl to stylish young woman. The black paint ($8.97 for a pint) and 8 new drawer handles (only $1.38 each!) were a low budget way to make a dazzling transformation. The finishing touch was an Icicles Chandelier for $30.99. This shimmering chandelier was the bling cherry on our delicious make over. Cascading tiers of silver hanging from the ceiling gives a glamorous, finished look to the room.

WallPops teen room make over before photo Teen Room Makeover After photo by WallPops