Horoscope Dry-Erase Message Boards by Jonathan Adler for WallPops!

WallPops Horoscope Dry-Erase message Board by Jonathan Adler


Whats your astrological sign? Align your stars with a super hip zodiac accessory by designer trendsetter Jonathan Adler. These WallPops dry-erase message boards are fun, fashionable, and personalized to your horoscope. There has always been something exciting and intriguing about star signs. Who doesn’t love reading their horoscope in magazines and the newspaper? Document your dreams, pen your poetic musings and keep up on your to-do lists with an original message board in today’s most fashionable designs. All of the Dry-Erase boards are 17.75″ x 13″ and come with a WallPops dry-erase marker. And,  as always, WallPops are repositionable and totally removable. Find your sign below!

Any Libra will be decidedly smitten with the Libra message board, bringing star studded chartreuse to their existence. Sagitarius will revel in the pink whims of their board, exuding a kittenish glamour. Certainly Virgos will channel some dynamic energy onto their sassy yellow surfaces. Aquarius, destined for greatness, will enjoy being fancy and frisky on their board. Meanwhile, Taurus and Scorpio will rejoice in declaring their love again and again with reckless dry-erase abandon. Even the most determined over-achievers need a hint of whimsy once in a while. Capricorn will enjoy this welcome splash of style while Gemini is busy making mischief, then erasing it and making nice on their WallPops boards. The Leo design is amply charismatic and swanky to inspire the musings of this fiery sign. Cancer and Aries designs both mix orange and pink for a fashion statement that is far chicer than you think! And the Pisces Zodiac dry-erase board will inspire headlines worldwide with it’s stylish swagger!



May 1, 2012