Whether you are thinking about a spooky Halloween craft to do with your kids or friends, decorating for a Halloween party, or looking forward to greeting trick-or-treaters with a festive entrance, WallPops is ideal for holiday decorating! WallPops brilliant peel & stick technology makes it the perfect material for creative projects, and in October, especially well suited to making Jack-o-Lanterns!

Trace and cut pumpkin shapes with our Totally Orange Dots or Blox, then cut geometric shapes out of Black Jack for the face of the pumpkin. You can also get creative with more intricate designs like cutting out a witch, a bat, a cat, or a spider! WallPops are easy to cut and super easy to work with.

Because WallPops are totally removable, you can position and reposition your pumpkin face as many times as you would like! This makes the project easy and fun for kids and creative people of all ages! Try making your own Halloween decorations this year for a personalized seasonal style sure to impress.

November 12, 2011