It is difficult to believe, but 2011 is coming to an end! We welcome 2012 with excitement! Here are a few fun facts about this upcoming year and some trends to be ahead of to keep you a la mode:

2012 will be a leap year, so we can all count on having an extra day this year in February! What will you do with it? You could make it a special day to do something out of the ordinary, or perhaps just catch your breath! This year, February 29th will be on a Wednesday so plan ahead! One thing we know for sure is that we will be hosting a WallPops Wednesday Giveaway contest on our Facebook page that day! In case you aren’t familiar, every Wednesday we give away $50 in WallPops to one of our fans, just ‘cuz! If you’re not a fan of us yet, click here! Maybe this Leap Year Wednesday will be your lucky day!

Starting on January 23rd, 2012 will become the year of the dragon in the Chinese Zodiac! This wonderful occasion welcomes longevity and prosperity in the New Year and dissolves any negativity from the past! Cheers to an uplifting fresh start, and a cool creature to reign over 2012!

2012 also says a warm hello to the Summer Olympics! This inspiring world event happens only once every 4 years, and this time will be held in London. Always fun to watch, the Olympics is a friendly tradition to look forward to!

A trend that will continue to grow in 2012 and beyond is saving paper and trees. WallPops dry-erase calendars are a stylish and fun way to keep track of dates, and you can re-use them over and over again.  Several of our styles, like the Jack come with 4 stylish pieces so you can look ahead for 4 months at a time! Considering the London Olympics, this British-style will be extra hot! Or, check out the Poppy Design, which comes with a message board and a calendar to keep you in super communique! From a clean and simple white board style to a jewel-accented Kolkata design, we have a look to match any taste.


In fashion we see colors swinging out in pastels and neon! For a bolt of bold fluorescent in your decor, try the WallPops dots, blox, stripes in Electric Blue or Stylin’ Green! Prints are also making a huge splash this year, with inspired florals, and artsy ethnics taking over!  Bright colors and fun patterns are sure to beat back winter blues. In the cold months it is always fun to bring bursts of color and animated cues from nature into our homes. Check out the Anya series, a bird and flower motif with a Scandinavian folklore swagger that is sure to bring a smile to your space!


December 16, 2011