Keep Your Kids Creative and Entertained


via Brewster Home Fashions

Spring break is perfect for spending quality time with your kids without the business of school and homework. If you’re looking for ways to pass the time that are fun and engaging, these crafts and science experiments will do the trick.
We’ve picked our favorite activities that can be done by a range of ages and skill sets. There are indoor and outdoor activities and most of them use things you’ll already have around the house.
Happy crafting!

10. DIY Mason Jar Aquariums


via Hello, Wonderful

These DIY Aquariums are super cool and easy to make. You can customize them with your favorite animals, mermaids, or even unusual options like a swimming tiger or bird.

9. Splatter Paint Wall Art


via Hello, Wonderful

This splatter paint wall art is fun to look at and even more fun to create. Your kids will love it, and you’ll wind up with an awesome piece of artwork!

8. The Biggest Bubbles You’ve Ever Seen


via Our Best Bites

Giant bubbles will never stop being fun. These humongous bubbles are easy to make and are perfect for a simple activity on a warm day.

7. DIY Fairy Garden


via Living Well Mom

Fairy gardens are a creative craft that is totally customizable. You can use household items to make your own miniature fairy furniture—toothpaste caps become flower gardens, milk cartons become cottages, toothpicks become fence posts. The possibilities are endless.

6. DIY Lightsabers


via Here Comes The Sun

If your children are now obsessed with Star Wars, these DIY Lightsabers are the perfect activity to keep them occupied for hours. They’re easy to make and can be any color you want! The pool noodles make them as safe and soft.

5. Paper Roll People


via Molly Moo Crafts

These paper people are fun and simple to make. All you need are paper towel, toilet paper, or wrapping paper rolls and some construction paper. You can create mermaids, hula girls, astronauts, cartoon characters, etc.
Bonus: When you’re done crafting, keep the activities going and put on a play with the characters you’ve created.

4. DIY Rain Sticks


via Happy Hooligans

Rain sticks are both soothing and simple to make. Your child can become entranced in the peaceful sound. These rain sticks are decorated with foam flowers, but your could use magazine cutouts, paint them to look like tree branches, or leave them silver with the tin foil.

3. Silly Rock Monsters


via Easy Peasy and Fun

There are endless ideas for crafting with rocks. We love these monster versions that use yarn instead paint. They’re super cute and easy to make when  you’re in a pinch for a fun craft.

2. Woven Wall Hangings


via Art Bar Blog

We’ve been seeing woven wall hangings all over internet, but these kid-friendly ones might be the most adorable yet! They require almost no special tools and will keep your kids occupied for hours. When they’re done they can admire their work and hang the finished product on their walls.

1. Color on The Walls


via WallPops

This is the one time you’ll be happy that the kids are drawing on the wall! Using the Photo Opp NuWallpaper, you can create your own works of art using colored pencils, markers, and crayons. The removable wallpaper makes it easy to create a feature wall in minutes.