The word January is derived from Janus, a Roman mythological God with 2 faces, one looking into the future and one looking into the past. He is the God of doorways, and endings, of transitions, and time. How fitting that his namesake would live on, symbolizing the first month of each new year, when we inevitably self-reflect, and set some fresh intentions for our new beginning. Whether or not we follow through with our goals, examining which areas of our lives we hope to improve gives a valuable window into how we see ourselves, and the potential we envision ourselves having. This is a powerful tool, one which we can surely use to better understand ourselves, and to embrace the faith we have in ourselves to accomplish these things!

With all this in mind, try to set and fulfill the resolutions that will make you the happiest. One of the most rewarding and fun ambitions that you can do for yourself is to tailor your environment to reflect yourself as the amazing person you are! Our homes, offices, and dorm rooms become the places that we spend most of our time, therefore these places should delight you! Taking a few steps toward organizing your space for less clutter and more visual appeal is an easy first step. A clean and harmonious space is refreshing. WallPops dry-erase calendars and message boards can really keep you organized in style, and keep a lot of information out of piles, hanging up on the wall where it is easy to visualize. Our dots and blox are also useful on surfaces to give clutter, such as products, or dishes, neater areas to congregate.

Surrounding yourself with color, art, and photographs that make you happy will inspire you! Definitely don’t be afraid of colors, they will bring your space to life. Even if your walls are all white, you can use peel and stick art to add playful pops of vibrancy to your space. Often, choosing one wall to be a “feature wall” where you go all out with bold art and bright hues, or make a salon wall of photographs is a grand idea. By limiting the razzle-dazzle to one area, you can get away with a lot more excitement, grounded by the simplicity of the rest of the room. WallPops peel and stick wall decals are brilliant in a space and make experimenting with designs and colors easy because they are totally repositionable,  won’t harm your walls, and come in ultra-fun designs.

Accessorizing your space to radiate your personal style will highlight your overall happiness to yourself, and others. Try embellishing an unexpected space with a glitzy chandelier with a colorful light bulb. Or, inspire a wonderful sentiment with a wall quote, like All You Need is Love, or Dream. These beautiful accents will bring a chic smile to your room, a resolution you will be so glad you kept!

January 13, 2012