From puppy luv crushes and cute kids cards, to chocolates, roses, romance, and true love, Valentine’s Day is a dreamy holiday! Check out these sweet ideas to evoke romance and invite an I love you moment by enchanting your décor for amour!

For a contemporary take on flowers for your flower, why not opt for a fresh bouquet of floral wall art? These blooms will never wilt, making them a fabulous gift and a romantic year-round décor piece! WallPops Brocade Kit creates the look of a bunch of embroidered flowers on walls in a classy pallette of black and grey. The Des Fleurs Kit flourishes a lovely French style on walls with chic jewel dew drops!

Pink, red, and romance are classic Valentine’s Day refrains and WallPops has several traditional designs to harmonize your home with love! Heart of Hearts, the quintessential symbol for love comes in blue or purple, and makes a sweet detail on walls. For hearts with shimmer shine, the Heart Shaped Mirror wall art and the Cupid Chandelier, with 3 tiers of pink hearts that hang from the ceiling are darling! The Keys to my Heart kit is romantic and fun, with a vintage key motif that will be chic year round, while Love Birds brings amorous birds in a beautiful tree.

Finally, in true Valentines Day tradition, try making your own Valentines with Red Hot and Flirt Pink dry-erase dots. These vivid and romantic pink and red WallPops can easily be cut into any shape you want, so get inspired, and write something sweet! Try some silly ones like I choo-choo choose you, or classics like Be Mine, xoxo and I love You! Stick your creation somewhere fun, like the fridge or your bedroom door and have fun changing your message to reflect your mood leading up to February 14th!


January 13, 2012