Super Bowl Party Decor by WallPops Red White & Blue Wall Decals for Super Bowl by WallPops Red White & Blue

Now that we know who will be playing in the big game on February 5th, all bets are on! Whether or not your team is playing this year, the Super Bowl is a must watch television event and this is a game not to be missed! For the thrill of the sport as the battle to the championship manifests, the commercials you actually want to watch, the half time show, fun party food and the camaraderie of your friends and family on the wave of excitement, this is the mecca of entertainment. We all know that cheering actually helps our team, right? And decorating for a Super Bowl party will definitely add to the spirit of the day! Don’t let your menu planning have all of the fun, your walls should scream team spirit, too!

Using dots, blox, and stripes in your team’s colors will really wow people with the festive colors. To declare a side in this years competition, WallPops has Red Hot, Shh! Dark Blue, Ice, and Ghost White. Adding pops of colors to the walls makes a cheerful ambiance for football reveling!

Another ultra fabulous party idea for Super Bowl is to bring on the dry-erase boards. Three cheers for this fun way to declare your loyalty! You can write your teams name on the wall, or have so much fun making little bets on things like who will win the coin toss or get the first touchdown and keeping track of your guests victories. The fridge, a popular destination in between plays, is another spot not to be ignored. Add your number 1 fan touch to the fridge with dry-erase dots. A dry-erase board makes your Superbowl party even more fun by adding an interactive space to up the ante!

Hands down the most definitive way to bring the enthusiasm of the football stadium to your walls is with a Fathead NFL authentic wall graphic. Super fans of all ages will say WOW and your place will be THE PLACE to watch the game. Decorating for a Super Bowl party, Fathead NFL wall stickers always win. WallPops has all your teams colors, logos, and favorite players to get your Super Bowl party into the hall of fame!

January 30, 2012