Dandelions by WallPops

So, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, imparting six more weeks of winter weather on us. Granted we have had an easy winter this year, although the term “easy winter” seems a bit of an oxymoron. Even without heaps of snow and sub-zero temperatures, this winter still harbors a chill and the deciduous trees still lost their leaves. When it is grey and cold outside, revamping your décor to include splashes of color and touches of nature will bring a vibrant happiness inside!

It is an oft declared motto of interior decorators that the best rooms always incorporate inspiration from nature. This mantra calls to mind how much life a vase of flowers adds to a room. Walls, of course, also benefit greatly from natural imagery! WallPops has some truly beautiful designs that evoke the charms of the great outdoors. For more on trees, check out our recent post on Enchanted Décor Inspired by Trees. For some blossoming floral art, consider dressing your walls in the whimsical Dandelion Wishes design. Symbolizing summer and childhood dreams, Dandelion Wishes wall art is a poetic embellishment. Flower Power plants a bohemian garden of happiness inside, while Cameroon designs a tropical island theme of exotic foliage and flowers!

Habitat Forest Silhouettes by WallPopsFlower Wall Art by WallPops

Another vivid approach to decorating your way through bleak winter months is to use bright, bold colors. By bringing vibrant hues indoors, we provide a refreshing uplift for our spirit. Have fun adding dollops of Electric Blue and Styling Green’! The Habitat Kit adds a screen-printed effect to walls with a lush forest motif of ferns, branches and butterflies. These bold pops of color on your walls will energize you, reminding us that spring is just around the corner!

Since we typically spend more time indoors in the winter, it is important that our homes surrounded us with delight. It is also key to have fun projects to keep up our creativity and provide a reprieve from the couch! Focusing on décor projects is very rewarding and WallPops make it so simple to have stylish and inspirational walls!


January 30, 2012