Did Halloween sneak up on your this year, and you’ve found yourself without a costume? Maybe you just remembered that Halloween party that’s suddenly a few days away, you had your kids’ costumes so planned down to the tiniest detail that you forgot about one for yourself, or the costume you ordered was delivered and looks nothing like it did online. No matter the reason, here are some last-minute costumes you can easily make yourself, inspired by our line of Halloween wall art.

DIY easy Halloween black cat costume

Inspired by: Black Cat Wall Art Kit

This tried and true Halloween costume is a cinch to make in a hurry. Craft cat ears out of a headband and felt or pipe cleaners, dress in all black, paint on some whiskers, and you’re good to go. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, you can paint your nails to look like claws using nude and black nail polish.


DIY pumpkin shirt Halloween costume

Inspired by: Pumpkins Wall Art Kit

You can’t get much more Halloween-y than a jack-o-lantern, and you can’t get a much easier costume than this one. Take an orange top, make a face out of black duct tape, and voilà, instant pumpkin costume.



Inspired by: Skulls Wall Art Kit

While there are many elaborate makeup tutorials to create a Día de Muertos sugar skull look, for a last-minute costume a much simpler version will still do the trick. Whether you decide to go all out with face paint and rhinestones, or a quick look with eyeshadow and black eyeliner, throw a fake flower or two in your hair and you’ll have an easy DIY costume that’s to die for.



Inspired by: Witch Wall Art Kit

Chances are, you already own an LBD, so all that’s needed is a quick stop at a store to grab striped tights and a witch’s hat. A broom is optional but encouraged for a fully bewitching effect.

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