The new school year is quickly approaching, and you may be moving into a new space. And our philosophy is that if you’ll be studying, sleeping, hanging out, and binge watching Netflix somewhere, it should look good and be a space you WANT to spend all that time in. Scroll through to see the easy-to-replicate decorating ideas and inspiration we’ve gathered for you to help make your dorm feel like home and look amazing!

1. Removable Wallpaper

Want to completely change the look of your dorm? Even if the rest of your decor is basic, putting up peel and stick wallpaper will make you seem like a bona fide interior designer (don’t be surprised if your friends ask for help decorating their dorms once they see how incredible yours looks). And yep, it’s totally safe to use on dorm walls! Just peel off at the end of the school year.

Get the look: Grey and white brick removable wallpaper

2. Tapestries

The downside of peel and stick wallpaper is that it doesn’t stick to textured walls (the common painted cinder block style walls are usually fine as they’re mostly flat, but may need the help of a secondary adhesive like command strips), so you won’t be able to put it over dated brick or porous dry wall. Tapestries to the rescue!

Get the look: Boho wall tapestries

3. Photo Display

Sticking photos to walls with tape isn’t only tedious, but can look messy. Display photos with decal frames for an easy way to ‘dress up’ pictures and put up on walls in one fell swoop, or hang from clips on string lights to be able to rotate snaps and update with new ones to your heart’s content.

Get the look: Polaroid Lookalike Frame Decals | Photo Clip String Lights

4. Organize in Style

Putting yourself on the path to organization is as simple as peel, stick, and done. Place over your desk to map out social plans and assignments, write an inspirational quote, or leave your roommate silly notes. Not only will putting up dry erase decals be the easiest part of decorating your new dorm (no command strips, trying to line up hooks, or knocking over propped up boards required), but they’re sustainable, as you can use them again and again each month and year. Whether you’re going home for the summer or moving into a new dorm, you can stick them back onto original packaging or wax paper to store for next semester.

Get the look: Weekly Planner | Chalkboard Calendars + Cork Board | Monthly Planner | Gold Dot Calendar + Message Board

5. Decal “Wallpaper”

If you like the look of peel and stick wallpaper but don’t want to put up full rolls (or you don’t think your walls are smooth enough for it to stick), recreate a pattern with decals. Go for a polished look with polka dots in a grid, or spread at random for a fun one. You can even create a pattern with a whimsical shape, like gold pineapples!

Get the look: Metallic Gold Confetti Dot Decals

6. Headboards

You know all those over-the-top, super fancy dorms you see going viral? There’s a design hack frequently used in those rooms: adding a headboard to the plain bed that comes standard in dorms. But who really has time to DIY an upholstered headboard or cobble together some wood? (Hint: not us). Place a wall decal behind your bed to mimic a real headboard, and you’ll instantly make the room seem more sophisticated and stylish. For an even more intricate look, trim the decals with scissors into the headboard shape of your choice.

Get the look: Faux Wood Headboard Decals

7. Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are a great way to fill up blank space and add your personality to a dorm room. Mix and match quotes, photos, mementos, and art prints to create a gorgeous display. Don’t know where to start? Kick off your gallery wall with designer-coordinated sets to take the guesswork out of what will look good together.

Get the look: Gallery Wall Art Sets

8. Light It Up

We’ve all seen the deck the dorm with Christmas lights look. For a new twist, try shorter string lights adorning your desk or holding pictures. They even come in whimsical, colorful shapes like pineapples or flamingos!

Get the look: String Lights

Find more back to school decor here!

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