When seasons change, we feel more than just a change in the weather. There is an awareness and an excitement that comes with each season. Fall is a beautiful time of year, the time of harvest and the time for nature to put on a brilliant show of color. Celebrate the Fall and all of her bountiful hues by giving your decor an Autumn make-over. This fun project is a wonderful way to bring those colors into your home.

1. Gather leaves in different shapes and sizes.

2. Trace them on the back of WallPops Blox in autumn colors like Lello Yello, Blackberry, Red Hot and Totally Orange.

3. Cut out the leaf shapes, and include the stem.

4. After you have your leaf shape cut out, peel it off of the backing and stick it to the wall.

Add as many or as few leaves as you wish, in as many colors as you would like for the desired effect. This decor idea looks great from early September all of the way through Thanksgiving.

Enjoy this video for a quick demonstration on how to get this look at home.