Just as your holiday décor has reached a frenzy of glitter and bows, and you continue to be showered with festive tokens of holiday socks, ornaments, and candy, we can’t forget that New Years is just a week away, too! Whether you are having an intimate dinner party with a few select guests, letting the kids stay up until midnight to see the ball drop, or hosting a rocking bash, New Years is an evening of pure celebration! It is essential to add a little special shimmer and glitz to greet the new year in style! Here are a couple of ideas from WallPops to make this year a News Year to remember!

Dry-erase boards have become the must-have interactive accessory this year! In a digital world, it is so refreshing to see people actually writing things, leaving each other notes and drawings! A dry-erase board is also SUPER fun at a party! Put one up and let your guests go wild on the walls! You can take a picture so you don’t feel guilty erasing the board afterwards. People can leave New Years revelations, favorite memories from the year, or just tidings of adoration! Trust us, it will be a fun party activity, just get it started by writing something like “Welcome 2012!”, leave the marker, and over the night your guests will fill it up with all kinds of wonderful wisdom and wackiness!

Lighting is an essential way to set the mood. Your overhead lighting might be perfect for your daily activities like cooking and reading, but most likely it is too bright for a swanky gala! Create a more glamorous atmosphere by dimming the lights, using colored bulbs, and strings of Christmas lights. Lighting is a dazzling way change your space from familiar to fete-fabulous! Try one of our chandeliers, like the Posh, with 3 swinging tiers of shimmering metallic orbs! This ritzy chandelier can be lit up with a white or colored light bulb for an extra dallop of drama!

Another fun way to set the party mood is to choose a festive color or pattern and carry it through all of the party accessories! Some chic New Years Eve themes are shimmery silver, glittery gold, classic black, or zebra print! Dots, Blox, and Stripes are fabulous options for quickly re-inventing a space! Jazz up walls, or add razzle-dazzle and organization to tablescapes with dots and blox. A WallPops Dot, like a Go Wild Zebra, on a bar, table or counter is a brilliant way to organize bottles or glasses for drinks and can protect your surfaces! Get matchy-matchy with plates, cups, and napkins or even go all out with streamers and ballloons, and you have yourself a party motif!



December 19, 2011
December 27, 2011