Looking to add a little drama and intrigue to your decor? For a compelling re-vamp, that truly defines a space and sanctions a sense of privacy, or can even hide an unsightly area, a room divider is a stylish solution. Do you have an open space that needs some definition, or spot that could benefit from a little separation? A room divider evokes  a wall or a curtain, but with a bohemian flair. Don’t have a breakfast nook but always wanted one? Create a little morning sanctuary to enjoy your coffee by hanging panels from the ceiling, it’s easy and chic! Want to promote privacy for your bed, imply a door where there isn’t one, or creatively hide a messier area in the house? These swanky panels still let in light, and adorn open space with artistic flair!

Picture a loft space, or a dorm room…. an open floor plan is refreshing! But it can also be stark, and definitely lacks privacy. Delivering dimension, with gorgeous detail, a room divider brings character along with it’s unique ability to construct a boundary. WallPops room panels are perfect in any space because they are so customizable. Hook the square panels together (super easy!) to create the exact size and shape divider you need. They also work in windows for the look of sophisticated iron-work, encouraging privacy without blocking the light. Sanctuary, just as the name implies, makes an area quieter and more special with a flora and fauna design. Casbah does the same, but adds a Moroccan vibe to a space.