Stylish Additions for a Fashionable and Festive Season


Most families have established traditions celebrated every holiday season, whether gathering together to bake cookies, taking the annual family photo for cards or cutting down the tree; such activities make the season meaningful. Why not add to those cherished moments and try something hip this year when it comes to holiday décor? With the following ideas, the upcoming holidays will be every bit as wonderful as in the past but a bit more festive and fashionable.

Merry Metallic: Use red, green, white, blue, gold and silver but make it shine by choosing metallic finishes. Whether lacquered candlesticks, plant holders or picture frames, add chic shine to this year’s decorations.
Celebratory Stripes: Stripes have exploded in clothing and home fashions and now can easily be integrated into holiday décor. WallPops is available in peel-and-stick stripes in a rainbow of colors, including many perfect hues for making merry. Try lining the easy-to-apply stripes onto a wall either vertically or horizontally in “Red Hot“ red, “Lucky Clover“ green or “Shh!” navy blue alternating ”Ghost” white or using a combination of colors. For extra shimmer, experiment with the Ice Stripes, a metallic mirrored stripe perfect for winter holidays. Stripes come in a roll at 6.5-inches wide by 16-inches long for approximately $15.99 each, and they can be cut for cute candy cane striping. Integrate the wall colors around the room with other accessories and gather friends and family to hear the “oohs and aahs” resulting from this statement-making addition.
Joyful Shimmer: Nothing says the holidays like twinkling lights and luckily, shimmer rarely goes out of style. Go glam with glistening ornaments in silver and gold to twinkle with lights or add sparkle-covered candleholders on mantles and tabletops. Another easy way to add bling that can be used year-round is with a chandelier. For an affordable option, try WallPops Chandeliers available in three different styles including: Posh with five-tiers of mod-shaped silver ovals hanging 33.5-inches; and Icicles with small silver reflective squares dangling 29.5-inches; Conveniently, all are available at approximately $29.99 each so you can save funds for gifts and other holiday costs. In fact, these chandeliers make amazing presents guaranteed to delight with the gift of glamour.

Set the trends with these fun and stylish decorative additions to make this holiday season up-to-the-minute and all your own!

November 12, 2011