Jonathan Adler Wall Art by WallPops Flowers

Spring is sprung! Usually Spring kind of drifts in slowly, tidying up after winter here and there, chiding us with mud season and April showers, until, just before Summer spreads her wings, we can confidently enjoy the season without our boots and umbrellas in tow. This year, however, it seems that Spring has completely upstaged Winter for a dramatic declaration that it is her time to shine! When we have 80 degree temperatures in March in New England, it is something to sing about. As much as we will all enjoy traipsing off to the beach before they start charging to park, planting early gardens, and planning impromptu picnics, certainly we will not skip our annual traditions of Spring cleaning and Easter decorating! Bringing bright colors and fun flowers inside, appreciating pastels in their perfect appropriation, and decorating Easter eggs will never get old!

WallPops has so many beautiful ways to make your home pop with Spring Zing. And, because they are so easy to peel and stick, you will be back outside getting your recommended dose of sunshine in no time! From petals and poppies to birds on a branch and butterflies, we have designs that celebrate the season with zest! Stay tuned for a fun post on decorating your own Easter Eggs without the messy dyes or steamy eggs!