12 Fun Ways to Bring Imagination to Boys Rooms

Every little boy deserves a stylish and inventive room where he will want to hang out! Creating the best boys room decor can be a lot of fun, too, especially when you involve your child, letting him help to choose themes and color palettes. Because they are growing up fast, it can be helpful to pick a classic theme, or at least try not to go overboard with an a-la-moment trend. His favorite cartoon character may seem like his world now, but in a year or two he may have moved on to another interest altogether. Removable wall art is the perfect opportunity to make a big statement without breaking the piggy bank, and without commitment anxiety. It’s a lot easier to peel away a dinosaur wall decal than it is to replace a T-Rex shaped bed! A few traditional boys room themes that never seem to get old, and have a knack for growing with your son, are sports, nautical, camping, and space. Other popular boys decor themes include dinosaur boys rooms, cars and trucks, jungle adventure, robots, and superheroes. Also, keep in mind that you do not have to commit to a particular theme at all! You can simply focus on arranging the room in an engaging way that will present plenty of opportunities for him to enjoy playing, reading, sleeping, and entertaining friends in his own special space. Speaking of making a space special, dry-erase wall decals are an interactive way to decorate his walls while encouraging his creativity. Message boards make great wall art for kids because they create a re-usable space to doodle, write notes, and play tic-tac-toe. Since WallPops are so easy to remove to make way for changing tastes, they are truly perfect for kids decor! And, because they are reusable, you could even recycle wall art into a little brothers room when the time comes to revamp! Browse these fun boys room decor themes with your little one for some inspiration.

June 28, 2012



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    June 18, 2015

    How can I purchase some of the decals shown for the boys bedroom section??
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    Mafer Fenton

    June 8, 2016

    Where can I buy this?

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      June 22, 2016

      Hi Mafer! Which product were you interested in from this article? Most should be available here but let us know if we can help you find something specific. Thanks! http://www.wallpops.com/