Overheard recently by a celebrity on TV: “bump is the new black” referring to her pregnant belly. It’s kind of a funny way to put it, but this statement really shows how fanatical we get about everything babies and kids! Recently, it seems that even more chic items that are sweeping the fashion industry are geared towards little ones. Nowadays, everything from the stroller to the re-usable water bottle has become a name-dropping, eye-popping opportunity to have the most en-vogue kids items. With so many fun trends to get swept up in, that are so satisfying because we love to pamper our kids, it sure can get expensive! Luckily, making your kid’s room the coolest in the neighborhood can actually be a fun AND affordable project! When you decorate with WallPops, you bring the most design forward trends to a room, that are easy-to use, and just as importantly, easy-to-remove to make way for ever-changing tastes. Here are a few ideas from WallPops to give your kids décor that dynamic edge without breaking the bank.


Monograms: A monogram is a classic and pretty way to personalize your child’s room. How better to welcome a new baby with love, or teach a young child about letters than with symbolic wall art that celebrates reading? WallPops Monograms for a baby-chic nursery or a fabulous kid’s room come with a beautiful frame and the whole alphabet. Use one letter to represent your child’s name, and use the rest of the letters to write a cute phrase or inspirational word on the wall.

Glow-in-the-Dark! This entertaining line of dreamy, interactive designs transitions brilliantly from day to night with fabulous wall art stickers in the daytime that become magical glowing nightlights when the lights go out. The friendly monsters can really help ward off fears at bedtime, and the beautiful butterflies will be appreciated by kids of all ages.

Dry-Erase: WallPops line of peel and stick dry-erase message boards are clever, hip and fashionable additions to your child’s décor. These boards stick easily to walls and doors, truly making it ok to “write on the walls” and providing a fun, re-usable place for kids to learn and express themselves. With no wasted paper, these message boards, which come with their own marker, are efficient and entertaining. Just remember, if you child writes or draws something especially wonderful, you can always take a picture so you don’t feel guilty erasing it!

Wall Art Kits: Trending now, making a scene on your walls with these collections of wall stickers is all the rage. From making an enchanted tree on the wall with the Treehouse Kit, to setting a groovy scene of peace and love with the Peace Kit, there are styles to fit every personality and age. These easy-to use kits also give you customization of the design. The stickers can be applied (and removed and re-applied) to fit your space, making it fun to let kids help you decorate their rooms!

Whether we have our own little ones, or grandkids, or nieces and nephews, we all have kids in our lives who we adore. Making their rooms special, imaginative and awesome is a joy, and something they will appreciate and remember forever.

      Paisley Red Dry-Erase Message Board