Don’t worry, you won’t find a single apple pie or pumpkin spice latte on this list. Here are five delectable ways to savor favorite fall ingredients:

  1. Pumpkin French Toast


Kickstart your fall mornings with mouth-watering pumpkin French toast. (But we’re also big fans of breakfast for dinner). Recipe here.

2.  Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese


Just when we thought mac and cheese couldn’t get any better- add an autumnal twist. Not only is it a sophisticated way to enjoy the cheesy comfort food, but this dish gets “bonus points for re-heating well, too. Most mac and cheeses solidify into a brick if you put them into the fridge, but the butternut squash in the sauce keeps it nice and creamy.” Recipe here.

3. Roasted Pumpkin Soup


There’s nothing quite like a bowl of hot soup on a crisp autumn day, especially one deliciously seasoned with cinnamon and nutmeg. Recipe here.

4. Harvest Chicken Skillet


This sweet potato, brussel sprouts, sautéed apples, and bacon one-pan chicken dinner will have you feeling the fall spirit in only 30 minutes. Recipe here.

5. Pumpkin Prosciutto Rigatoni


This savory pasta dish has a creamy pumpkin sauce that will convert even the staunchest summer lovers into fans of fall. Recipe here.

For even more delicious fall recipes, visit our Fall Foods board on Pinterest!

September 16, 2016