Could your décor use a little magic? Or, do you know a little one who is afraid of the dark? WallPops has a sensational new line with intriguing magical powers and the ability to replace bedtime fears with fun! Introducing our exciting new glow-in-the-dark collection! These incredible wall stickers have all of the peel and stick convenience of regular WallPops and are just as stylish, but they have a secret power: they GLOW!

If you have a taste for the sensational, this line is sure to enchant. With cutting edge phosphorescence, our glow-in-the-dark decals glow extraordinarily bright. Kids will actually look forward to bedtime so they can marvel at the mystical radiance on their walls.

Completely transcending ordinary glow-in-the dark products, this collection brings awesome designs that transition brilliantly from day to night. Choose from classic themes like stars and planets for a private planetarium, or beautiful fairies for a princess sweetheart room. The monsters are not at all scary, they are adorable, and the dinosaur collection is educational with identifying names and glowing bones. Peace and love brings a groovy style and keeps the love alive even when the lights go out. For an uplifting and versatile choice, the butterflies are absolutely beautiful day and night with pretty and realistic details. All of these dreamy designs make stunning wall art in the daytime and then delight with their secret night-life!

October 14, 2011
October 24, 2011