Gallery walls are a great and fun way to elevate your space! With a mix of framed pieces in all different shapes and sizes, gallery walls are a dazzling sight and have become an interior design staple. So grab your hammer and level, because you’ll want all the frames you can get after reading this list.

1. Create a Collection

Gallery walls are a perfect way of showing off your ever-growing art collection! One of the best parts of this trend is that all the framed objects don’t have to look the same, it’s more about cohesiveness than conformity.

2. Magic Staircase

Source: Decor Pad

Have your eyes walk the walls with a staircase gallery wall! It’s a great way to add height to ceilings and open up your space. These whimsical pictures and gold frames give this entry way an overall eclectic look.

3. Grid Glamour

Source: Domino

Looking for something on the more sophisticated side? A grid gallery wall is your answer! By having frames all the same size and color, this wall has an elevated and chic feel.

4. Shelves, Included!

Add a fun twist shelves! Shelves are a great way to create a layered look and add texture to walls. Want plants with your look? You got it, a shelved gallery wall lets you have your cake and eat it too!

5. All the Way to Your Toes

Source: Domino

Create a statement with a floor-to-ceiling gallery wall. Not only is it a great use of space, but it will also liven up any room with a chic touch of maximalist flare.

6. Travel Log

Gallery walls are a great opportunity to display memories from past trips! Instead of keeping vacation photos locked away on a hard drive or in a photo album, gallery walls allow you to relive your adventures daily.

7. Minimalists are Invited!

Just because you have a minimalist style doesn’t mean you can’t jump on the gallery wall wagon. For a more sleek look, stick to photos and frames that have a light color palette, these will create a gallery with clean lines and a modern look.

8. Corner Couture

Don’t ignore corners when it comes to gallery walls! Corner gallery walls are a great way to utilize space, not to mention they’re ideal for creating a bold and dramatic look.

9. Put on Your 3D Glasses

Source: Vogue

Put on your 3D glasses, because gallery walls aren’t just for flat pictures. Porcelain, antlers, and even shadow boxes are all great ways to add depth and texture to a space. These particular gallery walls are an awesome, unexpected way to incorporate fun and life into interior decor.

10. Glam Gal(lery)

Gallery walls are perfect for including touches of glamour into your decor. You don’t need velvet walls to get a rich look, by hanging a metallic mirror or wall sculpture, your space will instantly feel elevated.