Why Stop With Walls? Jazz up Everything from Appliances to Stairs!


A Beautiful Decor Idea from WallPops Adding Stripes to Stairs

When using WallPops to decorate, one need not stop at the walls! WallPops are ultra versatile! They will stick to any smooth, flat surface, and can be cut to fit any space. Add a splash of color to a staircase, jazz up a mirror, create a cute laundry room with WallPops… the possibilities are endless!

Dress up a Desk with Wall Decals Weekly Planner WallPops on a Fridge Dry-Erase Wall Decal Calendar on a Fridge Jonathan Adler Wall Stripe by WallPops on a Staricase Wall Decals on a Door Dress up a Cabinet with Wall Decals! Wall Decals Bathroom Decor Idea Wall Kitchen Tile Decor Beautiful A Beautiful Decor Idea from WallPops Adding Stripes to Stairs

Our line of NuWallpaper is a wonderful way to makeover dressers, countertops, bookcases, stairs, and even refridgerators! NuWallpaper is a peel and stick wallpaper that is super easy to apply and even easier to remove. The best part is that it doesn’t harm your surfaces!

NuWallpaper RefridgeratorStairway on a luxury house interiorliving roomNU1826_Room_2




30 thoughts on “Why Stop With Walls? Jazz up Everything from Appliances to Stairs!

    • Hi Betty
      This is not a window decal so it is not transparent and not designed to be see through, or to refract light. Backlighting it would not cause it to look brighter, and the design is only printed on one side of the decal. The sticky backing is white. It should stick to your glass just fine as it will stick to most smooth, flat surfaces. For decals designed to be enjoyed on glass and seen from both sides, please shop our window decor section here: http://www.wallpops.com/window-decor.aspx Thank you for the inquiry & best of luck with your design projects! Sincerely, WallPops!

  1. I’m looking to use the WallPops on my stair risers. Is it best to get a stripe (Malaya Stripe) or dot (Carnevale Dot)? Also, how many come in each order?



    • Hi Myra! Great question! We recommend the stripes. The Malaya Stripes come with 1 in a pack, in a continuous roll that is 6.5″ wide x 12′ long. It can easily be cut to fit any width stair riser. Best of luck with yoru decor project – we would LOVE to see a photo of how it turns out! Thank you

  2. My apartment complex won’t let me use piracy film on the windows..are thy able to be used on window shades? Either regular wall pops or film..everything has to be removable.

    • Hi Peg – thank you for reaching out. You most likely would not be able to get the window film to stick to a flexible surface like a window shade. Our window film is specifically designed to be stuck to glass. You may be able to work with the WallPops wall decals, though, which have a sticky backing. They will peel off easily when you are ready to move, too. However, the movement of the window shade may cause them to fall off. If you typically leave the shades down and do not roll them up frequently we suspect that they would stay on for longer. It really depends on the material that the shades are made of, too. If they are porous, or textured, then the WallPops would be less likely to stick. Best of luck with your window decor project, we would love to see how it turns out!

  3. i would love to use the versailles black and white on my stair risers. my risers are 6″ high and i wasn’t sure if they would fit also is the background clear or white?

  4. I have a pack of circle wall pops. I want to know if i can write on them with dry erase and not ruin them??? I understand you have dry erase products and I’m not sure if this is one of them. If it were, where would it say “dry erase” on the package?

    • Hi Abigael
      Thanks for the question! Yes, if these were dry-erase they would definitely say so on the package. We have dots that are dry-erase, and dots that are not so you want to make sure you are working with the dry-erase ones before you write on them. Here is a link to the dry-erase dots: http://www.wallpops.com/dry-erase-dots.aspx

  5. Hi , I am looking for something to brighten up my bookcase. it is a black bookcase from ikea.. I have pictures ,ornaments and books on it ..

    • Hi Caroline,
      Thank you for reaching out. If you’re looking to add some pattern to your bookcase, we would recommend lining the back with our new peel and stick wallpaper, NuWallpaper.
      You can view the entire collection here: http://www.wallpops.com/nuwallpaper.aspx
      This peel and stick wallpaper is easy to work with and looks wonderful on walls and other surfaces from bookcases to dressers to stairs.
      Please let us know if you have any other questions.
      Good luck with your decorating project!

  6. I want to completely cover a ceiling to floorboard MIRRORED entry wall. Thinking the NuWallpaper might do the trick! Older home (40 years) so want something chic (maybe with yellow) for red rug, shoe/briefcase wood bench & “tree” for hanging hats & leashes. We live at on the Gulf & hotter climate. Any suggestions at all seriously appreciated. I’m not Martha and thus would be a first (successful) project. Thanks for opinions, suggestions, etc. (it’s not a grand entryway, darker is why I thought of yellow cheerful…or perhaps a more sophisticatied yet comfortable route. I’m afraid I’ll choose the wrong thing.

    • Hi Marian! Thanks for reaching out. We agree – the NuWallpaper should do the trick! It is very easy and fun to work with and we would love to hear how it turns out. Yellow is lovely to brighten up a space. Check out the Grey and Yellow Suzani and the Yellow Awning Stripe . Or, perhaps living near the Gulf the Beachwood would be a good fit? We also love this one to freshen up a space and add a touch of enchantment. Today is the last day of our Cyber Monday sale so if you use coupon code CYBER2015 today you can save 25% and get free shipping! Best of luck! Send photos!

    • Hi Paula,
      Thank you for reaching out. The wallpaper will adhere to wood paneling! The divides between the panels may still be visible, depending upon how you apply the wallpaper.
      Please let us know if you have any other questions.

  7. I have an old dresser. It’s long, white and had 9 drawers with a faux wicker front on each drawer. The top is scratched and I’d like to decorate with wallpops. Would they work for a dresser top made of veneer?
    Thanks, Joyce

    • Hi Joyce,
      Thank you for reaching out. To answer your question, yes! We have many different styles of WallPops what will stick to any smooth, flat surface. Our line of peel and stick wallpaper, NuWallpaper, is perfect for DIY projects like what you’re trying to do. The best part is that NuWallpaper can be taken off in seconds without harming your dresser, so if you change your design if you change your mind.
      We have smaller WallPops called Blox and Stripes that have a similar effect and are also removable.
      If you’re looking for something permanent, we also carry a line of sticky back plastics that are meant to transform a surface. They are not removable, but come in a medley of patterns from faux marble to florals.

      NuWallpaper: http://www.wallpops.com/nuwallpaper.aspx
      Blox: http://www.wallpops.com/dots-blox-stripes.aspx
      Sticky Back Plastics: http://www.wallpops.com/search.aspx?keyword=fablon

  8. hi
    I was wondering if the wallpaper will stick to a basement floor that already has peel and stick cheap tile looking sheets put down , if I could just stick it over top of that ? Without it lifting . Also was wondering if the wallpaper is good for covering a kitchen counter without lifting and if it’s touched by water or spills or while cleaning it will that be a problem ?

    • Hi Kathleen! Yes, they will as it is a flat and smooth surface. If it is not insulated and exposed to extreme temperature changes, however, the lifespan of the decal may be affected.

  9. Hello, How is the wallpops wallpaper shipped? Is it on a roll or folded? I am a photographer and think these would be great for photography backdrops. How would I store them between shoots?

    • Hi Shelley! We’ve had quite a few people use NuWallpaper for backdrops! They come on a roll that is 20.5 inches wide x 18 feet long. If you did want to reuse them after installing for a shoot, you would need to peel off the wall and re-stick them onto the wax-paper-like backing it comes on. We will say that while it can be done, it may be time-consuming to stick the strips back onto the paper for storage, and that most people use NuWallpaper as a one-time application for the ease of taking it down when changing the design or moving.

    • Hi Amy,

      Thank you for reaching out. We don’t recommend putting these tiles on the floor. They have slick coating and would not hold up to foot traffic. They’re more suited for walls.
      Please let us know if you have any other questions!

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