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You are fabulous and your dorm room should be too. Don’t let all those rules and regulations about tacks, nails, screws, candles, and toasters convince you that you can’t make your dorm room a dreamy and stylish space! And definitely don’t settle for bare boring walls! WallPops are the perfect solution for bleak dorm blues and we have a chance for you to win $100 towards extra chic wall decals to sass up your college room decor. Just browse the five dorm rooms below decorated with our fabulous peel and stick wall art, and leave a comment telling us which one you like the best! You could win $100 to use on www.wallpops.com to decorate your own dorm room!

Dorm Room Decor Idea

Dorm Room Decor Idea

Dorm Room Decor Idea

Dorm Decor Idea

Dorm Room Decor Idea

Although each of these five dorm rooms is exactly the same, just adding a pop of wall art makes each space appear totally unique! Which of these awesome dorm decor ideas do you like the best? Tell us below and you could be on your way to winning the look for your own room! Each person who leaves a comment will be entered to win, and one lucky person, chosen at random, will win $100 to use on www.wallpops.com! The winner will be announced & notified on Sunday July 28th.



131 comments on “Want to Win Free WallPops?

  1. Aline on said:

    I like St Tropez the best.

  2. Teresa Thompson on said:

    I like Hollywood.

    • admin on said:

      Thanks for voting! The Hollywood design is by Jonathan Adler for WallPops and we love how colorful & fun it is, too!

  3. Danielle Peck on said:

    I like the Hollywood one!

  4. Kristin Elsen on said:

    St. Tropez is something unique. Not the typical decor you would find in a dorm room or in any room in any house. A nice change of pace and a touch of whimsy.

  5. Tracie Brown on said:

    I love the elephant paisley the best :)

  6. heide on said:

    Awsome colors, would love to win it tks.

  7. Lily Prado on said:

    My daughter will be a freshman in college and would LOVE some wall pops!!!!! :)

  8. Lily Prado on said:

    Hollywood would look amazing in my daughter’s dorm room!!

  9. Linda Mates on said:

    I love the idea of using these decals. I wish I had them when I was putting together various rooms ..easy and movable.!!! I love those birdcages–I love having the outdoors indoors.

  10. Anitha Kuppuswamy on said:

    I like St Tropez one!!!

  11. Amy Osborn on said:

    I like Hollywood the best.

  12. Jennifer Seiler on said:

    Wall Pop it – like it’s Hot in St. Tropez! I have these colorful bird cages having in my work office, and I absolutely love them.
    Thank you Wall POP!

    • admin on said:

      Thanks Jennifer! We would love to see a photo of your office with the St Tropez birdcages, what a fun way to decorate at work!

  13. Christine Hewitt on said:

    Love & Nixon is my fave!!!! Romantic and vintage look will make my black iron bed look even sweeter

  14. Christina Pietroniro on said:

    I really like the St. Tropaze

  15. mommas bacon on said:

    Probably the Kolkata Box. They are all cute.

  16. Elizabeth Keller on said:

    Elephant Paisley is the best! Very cute.

  17. Stephanie Brown on said:

    I like the Love and Nixon stripes!

  18. amanda lennon on said:

    I like Kalkota Box the best– love the neutral color!

  19. Annick on said:

    For my room, Hollywood :)

  20. Frances M on said:

    Kolkata blox!

  21. Christine Livingston on said:

    I like ALL of the designs, but St. Tropez is my favorite. I like the way it bridges the gap between childhood, and young adulthood!

  22. Christa on said:

    Elephant Paisley. So cute!

  23. Barb D on said:

    They’re all beautiful. I’m partial to number 1 !! I have a bird room and these would look so fancy in there as the walls are bare. Beautiful designs.

  24. Brenda Klein on said:

    Would love to win. I love the bird cages thanks.

  25. Carol Davies on said:

    I like number ! Things can get stressful in this life and the birds give a sense of relaxation in a sometimes crazy place. Plus is sooo pretty to boot =)

  26. Peggy on said:

    I like St. Tropez best. Thanks!

  27. Grace on said:

    I love St.Tropez.

  28. AmyBond on said:

    #1 St. Tropez is my favorite, love how it cheers up the room!

  29. Allison weatherley on said:

    I love number 1, I would love to do that in my kitchen!

  30. Allison Lewis on said:

    Oh, I love St. Tropez!

  31. Lorah Hodges on said:

    I really like the St. Tropez look, very fresh and inviting. #2

  32. Jennifer Frey on said:

    I like #1 St. Tropez the best because of the way it uses a lot of the wall and adds good color.

  33. Trisha B. on said:

    I like Dorm Decor #3 Hollywood the best.

  34. kellie payne on said:

    I love the wallpops. Can’t decide what I would buy yet

  35. Serena Adkins on said:

    I like the hollywood decal the best, but all of them are super cute. Thank you for the chance.

  36. Tracy Morawski on said:

    My favorite is LOVE and Nixon stripe!

  37. Landi Bova on said:

    Love & Nixon

  38. Emma on said:

    St. Tropez is gorgeous! The scale of it is great for that wall too. Awesome for a dorm room!

  39. Linda Meyers-Gabbard on said:

    Love the Hollywood design the best of the five.

    Ladyblueeyez1960 (at)(aol)(dot)(com)

  40. Donna K on said:

    I would pick the elephant paisley.

  41. AnnMarie Scoggins on said:

    St. Tropez!

  42. The st. Tropez one is the best!

  43. Heather D on said:

    St. Tropez!

  44. Hollywood=)

  45. Julie Vicory on said:

    Love St. Tropez!

  46. Michelle on said:

    #2…Love and Nixon Stripe for sure!

  47. Linda on said:

    I love them all but Love & Nixon would have to be my favourite.

  48. Sara H. on said:

    The Elephant Paisley grabbed my attention and incorporated a great color scheme and design into the space that can be easily matched with other accessories. The Elephant Paisley is my personal favorite.

  49. Jennifer on said:

    #5 Kolkata Blox is my fav.

  50. Shash on said:

    I love the elephant paisley one (#4)

  51. Sandy on said:

    Hollywood is my favorite.

  52. Shelly on said:

    For a college dorm room I think that St. Tropez is the most unique and fun to have hanging.

  53. julia on said:

    love #1 – st tropez!

  54. Kathleen on said:

    #1 is the best, it give illusion of space and is whimsical.. brightens more than the others also.

  55. Helen on said:

    My favorite is Hollywood. I love the colors and the design. It is just different enough to be interesting and would go with lots of different background colors and accessories.

  56. J Miles on said:

    Love the Kolkata!

  57. Laura on said:

    I totally love this!

  58. Sonja on said:

    I like the Kolkata Blox the best – calming.

  59. Mary on said:

    I like Hollywood the best, but they’re all great.

  60. Barbara Hagman on said:

    How cool!!! I love St. Tropez the best.

  61. Taylor p on said:

    #Kolkata blox are my favorite of the choices . It gives a simple yet fancy vibe!

  62. Laci Layton on said:

    The St. Tropes room. The birdcages look like they are painted.

  63. Janet on said:

    Hollywood for me.

  64. Karina on said:

    4- Elephant Paisley

  65. Cherie Kimbell on said:

    oooh St. Tropez is awesome, what a relaxing look after hitting the books!!

  66. Kelly Jo Vanemon on said:

    I love the Elephant Paisley – but I am pretty partial to paisley anything prints <3

  67. Jeanette on said:

    Love & Nixon is my favorite.

  68. Trudy on said:

    #3 Hollywood looks great!

  69. Katie on said:

    i like st. tropez, nice colors

  70. Kevin Davies on said:

    I like St Tropez the best. But Hollywood is a close 2nd.

  71. Wow, hard decision. The Love & Nixon one really “pops”, lol; but the Hollywood with its simple elegance and colors is great also!

  72. Denise higgins on said:

    The colors in Hollywood would make a zen like feel-conducive to studying!! Can you tell I’m a Mom?

  73. St. Tropez!

  74. Peter Brady on said:

    I like the love and Nixon stripes – it’s classic and goes with any color you might want to add

  75. erica on said:

    I love love Kolkata Blox!!!!! it is so nice and would look great in my new bedroom!!!!! Fingers crossed I could use 100.00 in wallpops I <3 them!!!!!!!

  76. Rachel on said:

    I like #2 love and nixon stripe

  77. Angela on said:

    I like St. Tropez the best because it is unique and has flair.

  78. Callista on said:

    Love the Hollywood design!!

  79. joelle on said:

    My favorite is Hollywood. I love this style

  80. Cheryl Christian on said:

    St. Tropez though they are all really awesome. Would really make a dorm room sing.

  81. Amélie Bazin on said:

    I prefer St. Tropez! So beautiful!

  82. THEGranny! on said:

    Sorry I’m so late posting, but I sent it to my Grandprincess #1 ~ “THE1stBaby”, Andre’a, to see what she’d like…because, the bedding colors that you show are her EXACT desired color scheme for her bedroom. She doesn’t know it, but for her Sweet 16 her parents and I have been talking about plans to do a total surprise “Teen Den” makeover on her room…soooo, THANX for the ideas Wallpops! She chose option #2; “Love & Nixon Stripe”.

    PS Thanx for the opportunity, and, remember….Shhhh! It’s a SECRET! :)

  83. Brittany on said:

    I like the elephant paisley wall pops. So cute!

  84. Helen Berkowitz on said:

    I like St. Tropez the best.

  85. Helen Berkowitz on said:

    St. Tropez is the best.

  86. Diane Bassette on said:

    Love & Nixon Stripe is my favorite..very cool!

  87. Toni Moore on said:

    I love St. Tropez, #1… the colors are refreshing and I love it’s quirkiness!! 😀

  88. Susie Rodriguez on said:

    I like St. Tropez because it adds nice color and balance to the otherwise fairly neutral room.

  89. Alyssa Kingston on said:

    My fav is Love and Nixon Stripes!

  90. christina gardner on said:

    Love & Nixon

    • admin on said:

      Hi Christina! You are our winner of the Dorm Decor Contest! Thank you so mcuh for weighing in with your favorite room! We selected your name at random from all of the awesome responses we received. Please check your email for a coupon code for $100 in WallPops!

  91. Claire Woodall on said:

    St tropez for me. The pop of colour and uniqueness off the decoration completely brightens the room.

  92. Stacey Barr on said:

    Love and Nixon Strip is my favourite! Love the design!

  93. Heather Zeh on said:

    I like the Hollywood look

  94. Addison Kat on said:

    I live the St. Tropez and Hollywood ones

  95. Sharon Haas on said:

    The Elephant Paisly is my favorite. The design is classy and fun at the same time.

  96. Jennifer Gallegos on said:

    elephant paisley

  97. lisa bolduc on said:

    i like the hollywood one!

  98. Kimberly on said:

    I Love the HOLLYWOOD

  99. Lianne Andreucci on said:

    I like the St. Tropez best. . . very cute!

  100. Annie on said:

    I love love and nixon!!

  101. Debbie Murphy on said:

    I like elephant paisley the best>

  102. Deb Fielden on said:

    Love the Hollywood one the best, But love them all. Great ideas for my home and especially my daughter freshman dorm room at C at CNU, because at CNU they don’t allow nails/hook in the walls of their dorm for any decorations! Love me and my daughter some WALLPOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. anita marsh on said:

    2 – Love and Nixon

  104. Kris on said:

    I think the elephant paisley stripe with the Hollywood bubbles would be awesome.

  105. Jenny Ung on said:

    At first, I was stuck between the Hollywood decals and the Elephant Paisley decals. Hollywood, though, is the one I would choose for my wall art since I’m going to be moving into my dorms for my first year of college in August. My roomate decided that we loved the color teal, and the teal/light blue in of the Hollywood decal caught my eye, as well as the rest of the colors (especially the purple). The design’s really interesting, yet simple, and would look really great on the pasty white dorm walls. I really like that you also can have different ways of positioning them, and they’d still look nice.

  106. heather on said:

    #1 St. Tropez all the way!!! Love it

  107. April Stephenson on said:

    Love the LOVE and Nixon. It is so Classy!

  108. I love Hollywood

  109. I like the Kolkata Blox the best!
    Subtle but well-designed :) It looks great!

  110. Edith Alvarado on said:

    Elephant Paisley, hands down! It has the shapes and colors that give it a distinct and unique flare.. Love it

  111. I wish I had these when I was in college but I would love to have the St. Tropez in my kitchen.

  112. I like the love, birdcages are fun but I have the lanterns one which is similar over my bed and it makes a great statement in a white and red accented bed linens. Fun, fun products.

    • Thanks Lynne! We would LOVE LOVE to see a photo of your room with WallPops! Tag us on Instagram or post to our Facebook page if you get a chance : )

  113. I Love the St. Tropez design! To wake to all those birds would start the day of great!

  114. I like #4

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