3 Tips For Green Decor This Year!

WallPops by Jonathan Adler Dry-Erase Wall Decals Save Paper

You know what they say, “Earth Day is Every Day”. And, every year around Earth Day, which is April 22, we take a special moment to thank the Earth and to acknowledge ways that we can make a difference.

1. Reduce! Buying Locally made goods has so many wonderful benefits. For starters, by consciously buying goods that are made locally you are supporting the economy of your country, which helps to guarantee jobs! WallPops are made in America. In fact, we were very honored to be featured in a Diane Sawyer feature on ABC about decorating using products Made in America. You can see the video here. We are proud to be a high quality, innovative product line from the USA and we appreciate your support! When you buy locally made products, you also reduce the amount of packaging and fuel it takes to get the product into your hand. When things are made far away and imported from other countries, they have to be packaged more than once and trek across the ocean in ships or on planes to get to you, taking a toll on our precious environment. For an amazing resource on other goods that are made in the USA, you can check out the ABC News Made in America Page. From rugs to wall decor and appliances to furniture, you can find everything you need for a beautiful home Made in America!

2. Re-Use! Batteries, paper cups, grocery bags… many things that we used to use and dispose of after only one use now have very hip re-usable versions. It is both eco-chic and stylish to acquire a high quality item once that can be used and re-used like a cloth shopping bag or a metal water bottle. As we become more educated on how things like plastic bags and paper cups are harming the environment for a fleeting moment of function, it becomes an obvious call to action to do our part. Luckily, feeling good about making responsible decisions is also an opportunity to equip ourselves with fabulous re-usable goods. One great way to save paper, for years to come, is to convert to dry-erase message boards and calendars. Because they are re-usable, you can save trees! Use the same calendar for more than one year. Buy less post-it notes. Have an ultra lovely place to stay organized. Feeling good never looked so good!

 Reduce Reuse Recycle with a Dry-Erase Calendar by WallPops

3. Recycle! Recycling is a state of mind, not just the glass, metal, paper and plastic that we separate from our trash each week. There are a lot of sites and projects devoted to revamping our recyclables and “trash” into things as beautiful as wedding centerpieces from Mason jars and tin cans! For a fun post devoted to ways to use an Altoids tin for everything from a first aid kit to a guitar, click here! We were inspired, too! Since WallPops can be cut to any shape or size, we simply covered an Altoids box lid with a rectangle of Black Jack and then got creative cutting zebra stripes out of Plush Purple WallPops! Now this box can have a second life carrying bobby pins, or organizing a desk drawer, or collecting buttons, or loose change…

Turn an Altoids Box into something with this DIY idea!