Ten Things We’re Looking Forward to in 2013

1. Super Bowl XLVII – The Ravens vs. the 49ers
At this year’s Super Bowl in New Orleans, the Ravens will go against the 49ers and to make things more interesting, the two rival coaches this year are brothers. We’re looking forward to a great game, not to mention the entertaining commercials and Beyoncé’s performance.

2. Kate and William’s Baby
2013 will welcome the Duke and Duchess’ first baby. We can’t wait to see the first photos of the happy family.

3. Our New WallPops Line
Another newcomer this year will be our exciting, new collection of peel-and-stick wall art. Be sure to watch our site for more about the stylish introduction launching soon.


4. Mad Men Returns
One of the most popular dramas will return with its sixth season this April. Will you be tuning in?

5. Creating Frame-Worthy Moments
We created a list of all the fun things we want to do this year. From going on a hot balloon ride to heading off on a scuba diving trip to taking cooking classes, fun is certainly ahead. We’ll be sure to be capturing all of these moments and putting them on walls with our chic Enamel Frames.

6. Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston’s Wedding
Who doesn’t love a good celebrity weekend? This will surely be a beautiful one. We look forward to seeing photos of the stunning couple.


7. Spring Cleaning and Redecorating Project
It’s always nice to feel like everything is clean and organized come spring, that’s why we are doing a major organization and colorful redo on our décor come March. Check back to our Facebook page and the blog for pictures. We’re definitely using our helpful Dry Erase Boards and Calendars, more details to come!


8. The Great Gatsby
The new adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel by Baz Luhrmann will surely be a treat. The story not to mention the cast – Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Joel Edgerton, Carey Mulligan and more – is something we’re looking forward to.

9. Incredible Fashion
We always stay on top of the latest trends in order to incorporate them in our offerings, which is why we’re excited for New York’s upcoming Fashion Week running February 7 to 14.

10. A Calmer Year
2012 included a presidential election and the Summer Olympics, while this year we won’t see a president reelected or Phelps and Lochte going head-to-head in a pool, we look forward to a less-eventful year to spend fewer hours watching politics and games (even though we love them) and more time doing what we enjoy, like decorating!

Romance Your Decor

Valentines Day Decorations

Has Cupid inspired love in your life? We hope so! Valentine’s Day is both romantic and fun! Grown-ups go gaga giving gifts to their sweethearts and kids get giddy giving each other lollipops and cute cards. Who can forget Ralph’s adorable I choo-choo-choose you Valentine to Lisa on the “I Love Lisa” Simpsons episode? This moment was actually based on a true experience from writer Al Jean’s childhood where he received this exact Valentine from a girl, and had always wondered if she meant the words on the card. This Valentine’s Day, celebrate puppy love, true love and everybody you love! Bring romantic decor to life with wall accents like the All You Need is Love wall quote above. Inspired by the beautiful sentiment of the Beatles song, these words on the wall are a beautiful sentiment.

Designer wall art by Jonathan Adler

Not all romantic Valentine’s Day decor ideas are pink and red with hearts and flowers! This designer wall art by Jonathan Adler for WallPops brings a sweetheart detail to a room in a classy black velvet finish that will look darling all year round. The love struck Love Birds kit below is another enduringly chic and amorous idea.

Romantic Valentines Day Decor Idea

Add some unexpected romantic touches to your home decor with these Keys to My Heart skeleton key decals. Inspired by vintage keys, this wall art kit comes with three ornate keys, totally chic in ebony black. Flowers are the perfect treat on Valentine’s Day and roses are the finest tradition! Always fresh, our rose stained glass window decal makes a beautiful accent for your home!

Romantic Wall Decor by WallPops!

Romantic Rose Window Decal For classic Valentines Day decor inspired by pink, red, and hearts, try making your own design! With dots, blox, and stripes, you can arrange your wall decals to suit your space, and even cut out shapes to peel and stick a custom creation! Heart shaped mirror decals are sweet and have a sassy iridescent shimmer. Or, with the GiGi Pink Alphabet Decal Set you can place poetic phrases, sweet words, and Be Mine messages on the walls. For interactive Valentines Day decor, declare your love with reckless abandon on a dry-erase board! With red-hot and flirt pink dry-erase designs to choose from, you can have fun with your decor, writing cute messages back and forth with the ones you love! Here are a few fun Valentines Day ideas to inspire you!

WallPops Hearts Wall Art for Valentines Day Idea

Peel & Stick Mirror Hearts by WallPops

WallPops Dry-Erase Dots Decals for romantic declarations

Romance your decor for Valentine's Day with Pink Letter Decals

Home Sweet Rented Home

Infuse Your Style into Apartment Decor and Dorm Rooms

Don’t let white walls get you down! Most dorms and rental units won’t allow you to paint at all, while others insist that you paint all the walls back to white before you leave or risk losing your security deposit. Painting restrictions are common, and some spaces do not even allow you to put nails or screws in the walls. Strict rules can be daunting, but don’t worry, you can still live fabulously! WallPops let you celebrate any space, no matter how temporary, with the royal treatment of beauty. There are so many brilliant ways to make a space your own and give it a “wow” factor without damaging the walls! WallPops peel and stick wall art is perfect for apartment walls and super sassy for dorm decor! Check out these 2 decorating ideas:

Decorating an apartment? WallPops are brilliant for wall decor

Anya Stripes are inspired by Scandinavian folk art with sweet flowers in chocolate, turquoise and chartreuse

black and white decor decals by WallPops, perfect for dorm or apartment decor

Elegant black Baroque wall art medallions with shimmering mirror accents

Both of these rooms have pure white walls, but they do not look cold or stark. In the first room, chic turquoise, chocolate, and chartreuse flowers bring a vibrant and sweet warmth to the space. In the second space, elegant black medallions bring a contemporary glamour to the walls, and shimmering mirror accents add extra sizzle. WallPops are designed to work in harmony with walls, so you can remove them if you move, and even take them with you and use them again! This takes so much of the doubt out of decorating decision making. If you live in a dorm or apartment, you don’t have to worry that you will ruin the walls or waste money investing in the décor of a space that is not yours forever. Creating dynamic décor is truly accessible, and at such great prices, you can afford to decorate with latest a-la-mode whim, or truly make a statement with your walls! Here are a few more gorgeous dorm decor and apartment walls ideas with removable wall art.

A poetic wall quote to inspire you!

Luxurious pink, green and white French flower art

Always come home to flowers with this apartment decor idea!

One of the loveliest ways to make yourself feel at home is to surround yourself with photos of your family and friends. If you live in a dorm where you can’t use nails or screws in the walls, or you don’t want to damage your apartment walls, you can still create a gorgeous gallery! WallPops frame decals are peel and stick so you can affix photos and artwork to the walls in beautiful frames without making any holes! These removable frame decals are perfect for a little apartment therapy and dorm couture!

These beautiful frame decal WallPops by Jonathan Adler let you fill your walls with photos of your friends and family without nails or screws!

Make a gallery worthy look of your favorite photos with peel and stick frame decals! Designer enamel frames by Jonathan Adler for WallPops

Welcome 2013!

Get Organized This Year With a Dry-Erase Calendar Decal Set!

Stay fabulous and organized with a designer dry-erase calendar

Where do you stand on New Years resolutions? Some people set out each January with fresh motivations and the best of intentions, often related to health goals or breaking bad habits. According to Forbes, don’t be vague when setting your goals beacuse the way that you articulate them can seriously impact the success rate. For example, don’t simply declare “I’m going to join a gym”, but instead say “I’m going to do yoga with my best work out buddy every Saturday morning” Being specific, realistic, and getting to the heart of your goal can help you follow through, as well as enlisting a partner to help keep each other on-track. Another fresh outlook on the New Years Resolution, one that we simply LOVE, is to resolve to try something new in the coming year. This puts a positive spin on the concept, and gives you something to have fun planning, learning, or experiencing rather than putting the emphasis on something you would like to change about yourself. This year why not enrich your life with a new experience, like learning to make paella, taking a cooking class at a local school, learning a new computer program, going to a salsa dance class, trying to knit a scarf, or just going for it and booking a trip to somewhere that you have always dreamed of going!

WallPops Dry-Erase Calendar  A beautiful reusable calendar with a dry-erase marker by WallPops

  Whether or not you make a resolution in 2013, the pursuit of a beautiful, organized home is always something to rejoice in! Here are a few reasons why we absolutely adore these dry-erase calendar decals: 1. they are re-usable. You may never have to buy another calendar, simply write in new dates each year! 2. With so many designer calendars and darling looks to choose from, these calendars double as fabulous wall art 3. They genuinely help you stay organized, putting your schedule fashionably in sync in plain view. Write in your new goals to keep them front of mind. If you write yoga in on every Saturday of the month, even if you miss one week you will have a personalized reminder to make it to class the next week. With the 4 piece calendar sets, you can plan out 4 months at a time, or keep the whole family’s busy schedules on display together. How about you? What are your plans this year? Share your tips for success below & good luck to you all for a happy, healthy 2013!

Celebrate With a WallPops Coupon Code!

Happy Holidays from WallPops! Enjoy Extra Savings with this WallPops Coupon Code!

Early Black Friday Savings with Coupon Code HOLIDAY at WallPops

We are so excited for the Holidays! With Thanksgiving this week, and Christmas, Hannukkah, and New Years right around the corner, we wanted to share the joy with special savings for you! You can get an early Black Friday deal, that lasts all weekend long, with coupon code HOLIDAY. Save 20% on everything on the WallPops site! Whether you are looking to deck your own halls with holiday splendor, or score the most fashionable gifts for all of your stylish loved ones, we have perfect gifts for all!

WallPops glow decals dinosaur theme gift  Love gift by Jonathan Adler for WallPops a flocked velvet wall decal

If you are shopping for best friend gifts, teacher gifts, or ideas for gifts for anybody on your list, really, WallPops has you covered! Give the gift of beauty and style to your friends and family, they will love it! Fashionistas will gasp with glee to discover designer wall decals by Jonathan Adler under their tree. Anybody with a life will sincerely swoon over our functional and fun dry-erase collection of calendars and message boards. Can’t decide what to get for a little one? Light up their life with a glow in the dark wall art kit that they can arrange themselves! Our beautiful collections range from sophisticated to sassy and from sweet to smart. WallPops wall decals are a special gift this holiday season, many of them packaged for perfect stocking stuffers! Enjoy early holiday savings and have fun scoring the best gifts for less with this WallPops coupon code for Black Friday: HOLIDAY

The perfect gift idea holiday 2012, dry-erase wall art by Jonathan Adler for WallPops  WallPops coupon code for Black Friday Savings for this beautiful chandelier



Halloween Ideas with WallPops

Get in the Halloween 2012 Spirit

Make your own Halloween candle with a WallPops bat cut outHalloween is such a fun holiday, and definitely one that doesn’t take itself too seriously. In fact, Halloween is all about having fun! Here are just a few things we love about Halloween: candy, costumes, trick-or-treating, enjoying spooky decorations, jack-o-lanterns, and haunted houses! Whether you are having a Halloween party or not, why not create a festive look inside and outside at your house? In some neighborhoods, decorating for Halloween is practically required and those are the areas that will attract the most kids on All Hallow’s Eve!

Below are some fabulous diy Halloween decorations. Since WallPops are so easy to cut, they are perfect for mess free jack-o-lanterns. You can even cut out jack-o-lantern template shapes and pumpkin patterns ahead of time. This way, younger kids can decorate their own pumpkins without worrying about sharp knives and a slimy pumpkin mess. Or, go classic Halloween with black and orange dots, blox, and stripes to set the mood in any room! For a more sophisticated idea, one that holds it’s own through Thanksgiving decor, try tracing and cutting out leaves with Autumn colored WallPops to create a festive accent.

Fall Into Color At Home

Zoe Fall Color Trends with WallPops Peel and Stick Decals

Nights are starting to hold a hint of a chill, leaves are beginning to quiver, and the air is alive with the promise of change on the horizon. Fall is one of the most beautiful times of year, when the vibrant colors of nature make a spectacular farewell to another harvest season. Right around the beginning of September, we find ourselves craving pumpkin flavored treats, and pulling our sweaters and jeans back out of hiding. Autumn represents so much transition and excitement, especially for those of us who have new back to school routines to establish. We rediscover comfort foods like soups and stews, roasted vegetables, and local apples, and we revel in a whole new palette of Fall fashions!

There are lots of little ways that we can revamp our homes to bring the colors and traditions of Autumn inside! Festive candles, especially scented ones, bring a pleasant, toasty flicker indoors with rich reds, orange, brown, and yellow to reflect Autumn’s glory. Pillows and throw blankets can be added to existing décor, encouraging a cuddly ambiance, and providing an opportunity to toss in some seasonal shades. Welcome everybody to your home with mums, pumpkins, and gourds by the front door, and even try placing a mini pumpkin in the bathroom for an unexpected Autumn delight! To warm up walls, removable wall decals are the perfect seasonal accent! WallPops wall art comes in all of Falls favorite tints and makes it easy to DIY Fall decor ideas! Here are a few of our favorite Fall picks, what do you cherish most about the season?

Pinterest Spotlight: Our Fans Are So Stylish!

Oh Pear Green and Posh Pink Polka Dot wall with WallPops WallPops as car decals from one of our stylish fans!

Every once in a while something happens on our Facebook Page that is just magical: one of our wonderful fans posts a picture of their WallPops decorating project! It is so delightful to see how people use their WallPops! Luckily, thanks to the joy of Pinterest, and because a “picture is worth a thousand words”, we have compiled a pinboard of some of our fans fabulous photos! From campers to cars, new baby nurseries, and at work in the office, people have been getting downright decor savvy with their WallPops wall art! One of the greatest things about WallPops wall decals is their versatility. Many of our designs are equally as posh in a bedroom as they are in a bathroom. We design them all to be beautiful, but when the designs truly come to life is when you give them a home! Enjoy this sampling of some of our favorite fan submissions, or click through to our Pinterest Page to see more! Don’t forget to follow us for more sensational decor ideas, and keep those photos coming!


Boys Decor Ideas!

12 Fun Ways to Bring Imagination to Boys Rooms

Every little boy deserves a stylish and inventive room where he will want to hang out! Creating the best boys room decor can be a lot of fun, too, especially when you involve your child, letting him help to choose themes and color palettes. Because they are growing up fast, it can be helpful to pick a classic theme, or at least try not to go overboard with an a-la-moment trend. His favorite cartoon character may seem like his world now, but in a year or two he may have moved on to another interest altogether. Removable wall art is the perfect opportunity to make a big statement without breaking the piggy bank, and without commitment anxiety. It’s a lot easier to peel away a dinosaur wall decal than it is to replace a T-Rex shaped bed! A few traditional boys room themes that never seem to get old, and have a knack for growing with your son, are sports, nautical, camping, and space. Other popular boys decor themes include dinosaur boys rooms, cars and trucks, jungle adventure, robots, and superheroes. Also, keep in mind that you do not have to commit to a particular theme at all! You can simply focus on arranging the room in an engaging way that will present plenty of opportunities for him to enjoy playing, reading, sleeping, and entertaining friends in his own special space. Speaking of making a space special, dry-erase wall decals are an interactive way to decorate his walls while encouraging his creativity. Message boards make great wall art for kids because they create a re-usable space to doodle, write notes, and play tic-tac-toe. Since WallPops are so easy to remove to make way for changing tastes, they are truly perfect for kids decor! And, because they are reusable, you could even recycle wall art into a little brothers room when the time comes to revamp! Browse these fun boys room decor themes with your little one for some inspiration.

From Crayons to Perfume

Saying Thank You to a Special Teacher

A brilliant thank you gift for a teacher by WallPops

The end of a school year is always exciting, and also comes with a touch of bittersweet reverie. Marking the ever turning carousel of time, the last day of school is a very symbolic event. Teachers are a vital part of our children’s journey. In between learning about cursive and tadpoles, multiplication and music, teachers also deliver life wisdom, and negotiate social dynamics. Acknowledging the dedication and time that a teacher has spent over the year is a wonderful gesture, one that shows appreciation, and gives your child a chance to express a gracious goodbye. WallPops are a beautiful thank you gift for a teacher. A lot of teachers use WallPops in their classrooms to add a fun, personal touch without damaging school walls. The dry-erase boards and calendar decals are also handy for making daily notes, practicing math, spelling, and handwriting, and keeping track of things like science experiment results. The peel and stick alphabet decals are an awesome addition to any classroom! They can be arranged as a beautiful, educational alphabet. Or, since the set comes with multiples of each letter, these decals can be arranged to label areas with messages like “wash your hands!” and “library books”. Here are a few of our favorite ideas for perfect teacher’s gifts!