Creating A Striped Wall

WallPops Peel and Stick Wall Stripe DecalsAdding stripes to the wall is a fabulous way to make a bold design statement on  a budget. It is fun look and a great DIY project. However, a simple google search of “add stripes to the wall” will result in pages of tutorials and techniques, and also horror stories of uneven lines and messy paint mishaps. Done right, the look is completely chic and classy. Done wrong, the look can be dizzying and sloppy and a total pain to fix. WallPops are the easiest way to add stripes to your walls! No paint or tape necessary, these perfect wall stripes are a breeze to put up and even easier to take down!

Taupe Stripe Wall Decal by WallPopsFrom subtle Pebble Hued Wall Stripes for a soft taupe accent, to bold Calypso Teal Wall Stripes for a Caribbean cheer, WallPops has a color to accent your space with the appropriate flair. We also have patterned stripes for extra impact, in sophisticated designs like Tangier black and white stripes and glamorous looks like Go Wild zebra print stripes! Stripes on walls are definitely trending right now! Stripes in décor is a classic, enduring look and WallPops stripes result in flawless lines every time! In addition to adding color, stripes can have a graphic visual impact. Vertical stripes can make a ceiling look higher, while horizontal stripes can make a room look larger. Take a look at some of our favorite designs below, from striped bathrooms to stripes in the bedroom and single stripe borders, the look is ultra versatile.



Because WallPops stripes are so simple to arrange and rearrange, your striped wall project is guaranteed to succeed! Use a tape measure or yard stick and light pencil dots to plan for evenly spaced, straight stripes. WallPops stripes come in 12 feet rolls for just $14.99, and they can be overlapped to create varied effects. For more tips on how to peel & stick your walls, click here! 

GO TEAM! Decorating for your Super Bowl 2012 PARTY!

 Super Bowl Party Decor by WallPops Red White & Blue Wall Decals for Super Bowl by WallPops Red White & Blue

Now that we know who will be playing in the big game on February 5th, all bets are on! Whether or not your team is playing this year, the Super Bowl is a must watch television event and this is a game not to be missed! For the thrill of the sport as the battle to the championship manifests, the commercials you actually want to watch, the half time show, fun party food and the camaraderie of your friends and family on the wave of excitement, this is the mecca of entertainment. We all know that cheering actually helps our team, right? And decorating for a Super Bowl party will definitely add to the spirit of the day! Don’t let your menu planning have all of the fun, your walls should scream team spirit, too!

Using dots, blox, and stripes in your team’s colors will really wow people with the festive colors. To declare a side in this years competition, WallPops has Red Hot, Shh! Dark Blue, Ice, and Ghost White. Adding pops of colors to the walls makes a cheerful ambiance for football reveling!

Another ultra fabulous party idea for Super Bowl is to bring on the dry-erase boards. Three cheers for this fun way to declare your loyalty! You can write your teams name on the wall, or have so much fun making little bets on things like who will win the coin toss or get the first touchdown and keeping track of your guests victories. The fridge, a popular destination in between plays, is another spot not to be ignored. Add your number 1 fan touch to the fridge with dry-erase dots. A dry-erase board makes your Superbowl party even more fun by adding an interactive space to up the ante!

Hands down the most definitive way to bring the enthusiasm of the football stadium to your walls is with a Fathead NFL authentic wall graphic. Super fans of all ages will say WOW and your place will be THE PLACE to watch the game. Decorating for a Super Bowl party, Fathead NFL wall stickers always win. WallPops has all your teams colors, logos, and favorite players to get your Super Bowl party into the hall of fame!

Love your Space! Romantic & Fun Décor Ideas for Valentines Day


From puppy luv crushes and cute kids cards, to chocolates, roses, romance, and true love, Valentine’s Day is a dreamy holiday! Check out these sweet ideas to evoke romance and invite an I love you moment by enchanting your décor for amour!

For a contemporary take on flowers for your flower, why not opt for a fresh bouquet of floral wall art? These blooms will never wilt, making them a fabulous gift and a romantic year-round décor piece! WallPops Brocade Kit creates the look of a bunch of embroidered flowers on walls in a classy pallette of black and grey. The Des Fleurs Kit flourishes a lovely French style on walls with chic jewel dew drops!

Pink, red, and romance are classic Valentine’s Day refrains and WallPops has several traditional designs to harmonize your home with love! Heart of Hearts, the quintessential symbol for love comes in blue or purple, and makes a sweet detail on walls. For hearts with shimmer shine, the Heart Shaped Mirror wall art and the Cupid Chandelier, with 3 tiers of pink hearts that hang from the ceiling are darling! The Keys to my Heart kit is romantic and fun, with a vintage key motif that will be chic year round, while Love Birds brings amorous birds in a beautiful tree.

Finally, in true Valentines Day tradition, try making your own Valentines with Red Hot and Flirt Pink dry-erase dots. These vivid and romantic pink and red WallPops can easily be cut into any shape you want, so get inspired, and write something sweet! Try some silly ones like I choo-choo choose you, or classics like Be Mine, xoxo and I love You! Stick your creation somewhere fun, like the fridge or your bedroom door and have fun changing your message to reflect your mood leading up to February 14th!


Create Ambiance and Serenity

Looking to add a little drama and intrigue to your decor? For a compelling re-vamp, that truly defines a space and sanctions a sense of privacy, or can even hide an unsightly area, a room divider is a stylish solution. Do you have an open space that needs some definition, or spot that could benefit from a little separation? A room divider evokes  a wall or a curtain, but with a bohemian flair. Don’t have a breakfast nook but always wanted one? Create a little morning sanctuary to enjoy your coffee by hanging panels from the ceiling, it’s easy and chic! Want to promote privacy for your bed, imply a door where there isn’t one, or creatively hide a messier area in the house? These swanky panels still let in light, and adorn open space with artistic flair!

Picture a loft space, or a dorm room…. an open floor plan is refreshing! But it can also be stark, and definitely lacks privacy. Delivering dimension, with gorgeous detail, a room divider brings character along with it’s unique ability to construct a boundary. WallPops room panels are perfect in any space because they are so customizable. Hook the square panels together (super easy!) to create the exact size and shape divider you need. They also work in windows for the look of sophisticated iron-work, encouraging privacy without blocking the light. Sanctuary, just as the name implies, makes an area quieter and more special with a flora and fauna design. Casbah does the same, but adds a Moroccan vibe to a space.

Revamp your Décor for a Happy Home

The word January is derived from Janus, a Roman mythological God with 2 faces, one looking into the future and one looking into the past. He is the God of doorways, and endings, of transitions, and time. How fitting that his namesake would live on, symbolizing the first month of each new year, when we inevitably self-reflect, and set some fresh intentions for our new beginning. Whether or not we follow through with our goals, examining which areas of our lives we hope to improve gives a valuable window into how we see ourselves, and the potential we envision ourselves having. This is a powerful tool, one which we can surely use to better understand ourselves, and to embrace the faith we have in ourselves to accomplish these things!

With all this in mind, try to set and fulfill the resolutions that will make you the happiest. One of the most rewarding and fun ambitions that you can do for yourself is to tailor your environment to reflect yourself as the amazing person you are! Our homes, offices, and dorm rooms become the places that we spend most of our time, therefore these places should delight you! Taking a few steps toward organizing your space for less clutter and more visual appeal is an easy first step. A clean and harmonious space is refreshing. WallPops dry-erase calendars and message boards can really keep you organized in style, and keep a lot of information out of piles, hanging up on the wall where it is easy to visualize. Our dots and blox are also useful on surfaces to give clutter, such as products, or dishes, neater areas to congregate.

Surrounding yourself with color, art, and photographs that make you happy will inspire you! Definitely don’t be afraid of colors, they will bring your space to life. Even if your walls are all white, you can use peel and stick art to add playful pops of vibrancy to your space. Often, choosing one wall to be a “feature wall” where you go all out with bold art and bright hues, or make a salon wall of photographs is a grand idea. By limiting the razzle-dazzle to one area, you can get away with a lot more excitement, grounded by the simplicity of the rest of the room. WallPops peel and stick wall decals are brilliant in a space and make experimenting with designs and colors easy because they are totally repositionable,  won’t harm your walls, and come in ultra-fun designs.

Accessorizing your space to radiate your personal style will highlight your overall happiness to yourself, and others. Try embellishing an unexpected space with a glitzy chandelier with a colorful light bulb. Or, inspire a wonderful sentiment with a wall quote, like All You Need is Love, or Dream. These beautiful accents will bring a chic smile to your room, a resolution you will be so glad you kept!

Enchanted Décor Inspired by Trees!

One of the most refreshing ways to brighten your décor is to bring a little bit of the outdoors in. This inspiration brings us vases of fresh flowers, and gorgeous natural details like hardwood floors and granite counters. Taking cues from nature has always guided timeless and chic decorating choices. A growing trend, and one which we absolutely adore, is to use trees in décor. Much easier than negotiating an actual tree into your room, WallPops has several wall art designs that create stunning trees on your walls! With designs ranging from enchanted tree decals perfect for the nursery to sophisticated designs in subtle hues, trees have sparked a design movement!




Looking at the beautiful images above shows how diverse and dazzling tree wall art can be! Several of these designs, such as the Sitting in a Tree, Twiggy, and Flower Power give you the freedom to position the pieces however you would like to best suit a space. Because WallPops are so easy to peel and stick, you can re-vamp your design anytime for a fresh arrangement, too! Love Birds is a romantic design with a retro feel. The subtle taupe hue is classy and elegant in a space, while the swirling branches and darling love-struck birds add a touch of whimsy to walls. The Fundango Tree is a tropical tree that adds imagination to any room. This tree also comes with jungle grasses to set the scene, fashionable and fun! Decorating with trees gives a delightful nod to nature while adding an enchanted detail to your home.