Trend to Watch: Shimmer Shine!

Something about sparkles is just so deliciously intriguing! Luckily, this season shimmer shine is totally on trend and we are loving all of the gorgeous glittery options for fashion and home decor! Adding a sheen to your walls and accessories jazzes up your decor just like jewelry does for your outfit. Glitter and glitz your home for a dazzling wink of fun, or a sophisticated bling of chic shine. WallPops has several radiant ideas to bring some sparkle to your home.

From shimmery dots, blox and stripes to add an icy sheen to your walls to actual gem packs to add splendid jewels to your wall art, we are gaga for glitter! Check out the Baroque kit, it comes with mirrors to add a dimensional shine to the walls. We also have a line of chandeliers to hang glimmering glamour from the ceiling. Add a light bulb for an extra special zing! We also have several wall art designs, like the Kolkata, Zsa Zsa and Des Fleurs, that come with gem packs so you can add dallops of twinkly bijou treasures.

Decorating For a New Years Eve Party!

Just as your holiday décor has reached a frenzy of glitter and bows, and you continue to be showered with festive tokens of holiday socks, ornaments, and candy, we can’t forget that New Years is just a week away, too! Whether you are having an intimate dinner party with a few select guests, letting the kids stay up until midnight to see the ball drop, or hosting a rocking bash, New Years is an evening of pure celebration! It is essential to add a little special shimmer and glitz to greet the new year in style! Here are a couple of ideas from WallPops to make this year a News Year to remember!

Dry-erase boards have become the must-have interactive accessory this year! In a digital world, it is so refreshing to see people actually writing things, leaving each other notes and drawings! A dry-erase board is also SUPER fun at a party! Put one up and let your guests go wild on the walls! You can take a picture so you don’t feel guilty erasing the board afterwards. People can leave New Years revelations, favorite memories from the year, or just tidings of adoration! Trust us, it will be a fun party activity, just get it started by writing something like “Welcome 2012!”, leave the marker, and over the night your guests will fill it up with all kinds of wonderful wisdom and wackiness!

Lighting is an essential way to set the mood. Your overhead lighting might be perfect for your daily activities like cooking and reading, but most likely it is too bright for a swanky gala! Create a more glamorous atmosphere by dimming the lights, using colored bulbs, and strings of Christmas lights. Lighting is a dazzling way change your space from familiar to fete-fabulous! Try one of our chandeliers, like the Posh, with 3 swinging tiers of shimmering metallic orbs! This ritzy chandelier can be lit up with a white or colored light bulb for an extra dallop of drama!

Another fun way to set the party mood is to choose a festive color or pattern and carry it through all of the party accessories! Some chic New Years Eve themes are shimmery silver, glittery gold, classic black, or zebra print! Dots, Blox, and Stripes are fabulous options for quickly re-inventing a space! Jazz up walls, or add razzle-dazzle and organization to tablescapes with dots and blox. A WallPops Dot, like a Go Wild Zebra, on a bar, table or counter is a brilliant way to organize bottles or glasses for drinks and can protect your surfaces! Get matchy-matchy with plates, cups, and napkins or even go all out with streamers and ballloons, and you have yourself a party motif!



Twenty Twelve Trends

It is difficult to believe, but 2011 is coming to an end! We welcome 2012 with excitement! Here are a few fun facts about this upcoming year and some trends to be ahead of to keep you a la mode:

2012 will be a leap year, so we can all count on having an extra day this year in February! What will you do with it? You could make it a special day to do something out of the ordinary, or perhaps just catch your breath! This year, February 29th will be on a Wednesday so plan ahead! One thing we know for sure is that we will be hosting a WallPops Wednesday Giveaway contest on our Facebook page that day! In case you aren’t familiar, every Wednesday we give away $50 in WallPops to one of our fans, just ‘cuz! If you’re not a fan of us yet, click here! Maybe this Leap Year Wednesday will be your lucky day!

Starting on January 23rd, 2012 will become the year of the dragon in the Chinese Zodiac! This wonderful occasion welcomes longevity and prosperity in the New Year and dissolves any negativity from the past! Cheers to an uplifting fresh start, and a cool creature to reign over 2012!

2012 also says a warm hello to the Summer Olympics! This inspiring world event happens only once every 4 years, and this time will be held in London. Always fun to watch, the Olympics is a friendly tradition to look forward to!

A trend that will continue to grow in 2012 and beyond is saving paper and trees. WallPops dry-erase calendars are a stylish and fun way to keep track of dates, and you can re-use them over and over again.  Several of our styles, like the Jack come with 4 stylish pieces so you can look ahead for 4 months at a time! Considering the London Olympics, this British-style will be extra hot! Or, check out the Poppy Design, which comes with a message board and a calendar to keep you in super communique! From a clean and simple white board style to a jewel-accented Kolkata design, we have a look to match any taste.


In fashion we see colors swinging out in pastels and neon! For a bolt of bold fluorescent in your decor, try the WallPops dots, blox, stripes in Electric Blue or Stylin’ Green! Prints are also making a huge splash this year, with inspired florals, and artsy ethnics taking over!  Bright colors and fun patterns are sure to beat back winter blues. In the cold months it is always fun to bring bursts of color and animated cues from nature into our homes. Check out the Anya series, a bird and flower motif with a Scandinavian folklore swagger that is sure to bring a smile to your space!


Pop Your World Holiday-Chic!

Who doesn’t love to be festive?! After all, the holidays are the mecca of festivities, giving the warm lively spirit to the word itself. One of the most fabulous and sure ways to make merry is decorating. Being surrounded by fun seasonal colors, shiny glitz, treasured holiday items and magical embellishments lifts spirits! Bedecking your home for the celebration of the season  is a joyous journey, one on which we embark each year with renewed delight. The holidays also present a special opportunity for DIY glee! Sure you can buy a box of cookies, but isn’t it more fun to make them yourself? This time of year, we all have an extra twinkle of inspiration! Here are a few visuals of holiday ideas we tried this year!


In this photo, we traced and cut out an iconic Menorah shape that you “light” each day with peel and stick flames. It is a DIY advent Menorah! Fantastic and symbolic for kids, they will love to add a flame each night. We used the WallPops Ice Blox to give our Menorah a shimmer shine!

Here is a quick video of a WallPops craft idea that creates a beautiful space to display your holiday cards! One of our favorite things about the season is opening the mailbox to find greetings of the season from family and friends. However, where to put the jubilee of pictures and cards?! Here is a brilliant and jolly space saver that showcases your holiday hellos with splendor!


WallPops are perhaps the most versatile decorating innovation ever! There are designs perfect for everybody, and they are designed to be arranged to fit any space with unlimited possibilities. But did you know that they are also perfect for DIY projects? WallPops can be cut to absolutely any shape, and the multitude of colors can be used together to create stunning and functional décor themes. For a refresher check out the Autumn leaves inspiration. For the holidays, just let your imagination run wild! Think of peel and stick ornaments on your walls, candy cane striping, red or blue dry-erase for holiday wish lists (and cut out a peel & stick white bow to accent everything!! Bows are trending right now!) Just pick a celebratory color or shape and stick it anywhere and everywhere. Pop your world holiday-chic!

A Few of Our Favorite Things…

Everywhere we go, from the mall to our local coffee shop, has been embellished with festive bling! With twinkling lights in the trees, and glittery ornaments in the windows, everything looks prettier during the holidays! It is such a magical time of year, for so many reasons. First and foremost, it is a special time to celebrate with family and friends, taking time to acknowledge our special beliefs and traditions together.  With this wonderful occasion, we rejoice in joyous parties, delicious food, fabulous decorating and gifts! What could be more fun? Here is our very nice list of our favorite things for perfect presents to ring in this holiday with style!


Check out these pictures for WallPops picks for the best gifts of 2011! From ultra-chic on-trend items to make teens and tweens swoon, to functional style for that person on your list who seems to have everything already, we have got you covered!




Baby-Chic and Kid-Fabulous

  Overheard recently by a celebrity on TV: “bump is the new black” referring to her pregnant belly. It’s kind of a funny way to put it, but this statement really shows how fanatical we get about everything babies and kids! Recently, it seems that even more chic items that are sweeping the fashion industry are geared towards little ones. Nowadays, everything from the stroller to the re-usable water bottle has become a name-dropping, eye-popping opportunity to have the most en-vogue kids items. With so many fun trends to get swept up in, that are so satisfying because we love to pamper our kids, it sure can get expensive! Luckily, making your kid’s room the coolest in the neighborhood can actually be a fun AND affordable project! When you decorate with WallPops, you bring the most design forward trends to a room, that are easy-to use, and just as importantly, easy-to-remove to make way for ever-changing tastes. Here are a few ideas from WallPops to give your kids décor that dynamic edge without breaking the bank.


Monograms: A monogram is a classic and pretty way to personalize your child’s room. How better to welcome a new baby with love, or teach a young child about letters than with symbolic wall art that celebrates reading? WallPops Monograms for a baby-chic nursery or a fabulous kid’s room come with a beautiful frame and the whole alphabet. Use one letter to represent your child’s name, and use the rest of the letters to write a cute phrase or inspirational word on the wall.

Glow-in-the-Dark! This entertaining line of dreamy, interactive designs transitions brilliantly from day to night with fabulous wall art stickers in the daytime that become magical glowing nightlights when the lights go out. The friendly monsters can really help ward off fears at bedtime, and the beautiful butterflies will be appreciated by kids of all ages.

Dry-Erase: WallPops line of peel and stick dry-erase message boards are clever, hip and fashionable additions to your child’s décor. These boards stick easily to walls and doors, truly making it ok to “write on the walls” and providing a fun, re-usable place for kids to learn and express themselves. With no wasted paper, these message boards, which come with their own marker, are efficient and entertaining. Just remember, if you child writes or draws something especially wonderful, you can always take a picture so you don’t feel guilty erasing it!

Wall Art Kits: Trending now, making a scene on your walls with these collections of wall stickers is all the rage. From making an enchanted tree on the wall with the Treehouse Kit, to setting a groovy scene of peace and love with the Peace Kit, there are styles to fit every personality and age. These easy-to use kits also give you customization of the design. The stickers can be applied (and removed and re-applied) to fit your space, making it fun to let kids help you decorate their rooms!

Whether we have our own little ones, or grandkids, or nieces and nephews, we all have kids in our lives who we adore. Making their rooms special, imaginative and awesome is a joy, and something they will appreciate and remember forever.

      Paisley Red Dry-Erase Message Board