Trend to Watch: Shimmer Shine!

Something about sparkles is just so deliciously intriguing! Luckily, this season shimmer shine is totally on trend and we are loving all of the gorgeous glittery options for fashion and home decor! Adding a sheen to your walls and accessories jazzes up your decor just like jewelry does for your outfit. Glitter and glitz your home for a dazzling wink of fun, or a sophisticated bling of chic shine. WallPops has several radiant ideas to bring some sparkle to your home. From shimmery dots, blox and Read more [...]

Decorating For a New Years Eve Party!

Just as your holiday décor has reached a frenzy of glitter and bows, and you continue to be showered with festive tokens of holiday socks, ornaments, and candy, we can’t forget that New Years is just a week away, too! Whether you are having an intimate dinner party with a few select guests, letting the kids stay up until midnight to see the ball drop, or hosting a rocking bash, New Years is an evening of pure celebration! It is essential to add a little special shimmer and glitz to greet the Read more [...]

Twenty Twelve Trends

It is difficult to believe, but 2011 is coming to an end! We welcome 2012 with excitement! Here are a few fun facts about this upcoming year and some trends to be ahead of to keep you a la mode: 2012 will be a leap year, so we can all count on having an extra day this year in February! What will you do with it? You could make it a special day to do something out of the ordinary, or perhaps just catch your breath! This year, February 29th will be on a Wednesday so plan ahead! One thing we know for Read more [...]

Pop Your World Holiday-Chic!

Who doesn’t love to be festive?! After all, the holidays are the mecca of festivities, giving the warm lively spirit to the word itself. One of the most fabulous and sure ways to make merry is decorating. Being surrounded by fun seasonal colors, shiny glitz, treasured holiday items and magical embellishments lifts spirits! Bedecking your home for the celebration of the season  is a joyous journey, one on which we embark each year with renewed delight. The holidays also present a special opportunity Read more [...]

A Few of Our Favorite Things…

Everywhere we go, from the mall to our local coffee shop, has been embellished with festive bling! With twinkling lights in the trees, and glittery ornaments in the windows, everything looks prettier during the holidays! It is such a magical time of year, for so many reasons. First and foremost, it is a special time to celebrate with family and friends, taking time to acknowledge our special beliefs and traditions together.  With this wonderful occasion, we rejoice in joyous parties, delicious Read more [...]

Baby-Chic and Kid-Fabulous

  Overheard recently by a celebrity on TV: “bump is the new black” referring to her pregnant belly. It’s kind of a funny way to put it, but this statement really shows how fanatical we get about everything babies and kids! Recently, it seems that even more chic items that are sweeping the fashion industry are geared towards little ones. Nowadays, everything from the stroller to the re-usable water bottle has become a name-dropping, eye-popping opportunity to have the most en-vogue kids items. Read more [...]