WallPops Jack-o-Lanterns!

     Whether you are thinking about a spooky Halloween craft to do with your kids or friends, decorating for a Halloween party, or looking forward to greeting trick-or-treaters with a festive entrance, WallPops is ideal for holiday decorating! WallPops brilliant peel & stick technology makes it the perfect material for creative projects, and in October, especially well suited to making Jack-o-Lanterns! Trace and cut pumpkin shapes with our Totally Orange Dots or Blox, then cut geometric Read more [...]

New! Thrilling! Glow-in-the-Dark!

     Could your décor use a little magic? Or, do you know a little one who is afraid of the dark? WallPops has a sensational new line with intriguing magical powers and the ability to replace bedtime fears with fun! Introducing our exciting new glow-in-the-dark collection! These incredible wall stickers have all of the peel and stick convenience of regular WallPops and are just as stylish, but they have a secret power: they GLOW! If you have a taste for the sensational, this line is sure to Read more [...]

DIY WallPops Leaves Design

When seasons change, we feel more than just a change in the weather. There is an awareness and an excitement that comes with each season. Fall is a beautiful time of year, the time of harvest and the time for nature to put on a brilliant show of color. Celebrate the Fall and all of her bountiful hues by giving your decor an Autumn make-over. This fun project is a wonderful way to bring those colors into your home. 1. Gather leaves in different shapes and sizes. 2. Trace them on the back Read more [...]